iWork: A First Look

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    Description:: "Macsimum News" looks at the new versions of Pages and Keynote.

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    i've been using Keynote and Pages since day one and they are two of my favorite mac apps. a lot of people don't like them , but for me they are perfect and I use them for everything. the only downside to iWork 06 is that both apps no longer will run on my clamshell iBook, whereas in iWork 05 they both worked beautifully. oh well, i guess that's the price for progress
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    I am a bibg Pages fan as well. I like Keynote too but don't have much use for it. But when I do need a presentation program I run to Keynote.

    Pages has become my app of choice for everything. It's my #1 word processer, and my #1 DTP, if only I could browse the internet with it:p

    I thought I was really going to like SwiftPublisher and I do like it but I have become so used to Pages that I naturally go to it.

    I sure do wish Apple would put an AutoSave feature in Pages though.

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