Jag's House, Where Older Macs Still Rock!

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    Link: Jag's House, Where Older Macs Still Rock!
    Description:: This is my first interview in a series of interviews I'm doing called The Legends of 68K. This series will be featured in my weekly column, Welcome To Macintosh for Low End Mac - www.lowendmac.com. This the 1st part in a 2 part interview I did with Jag of Jag's House - www.jagshouse.com.

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    This is exactly the reason I use Macs. I never could pickup DOS. I remember back when I was a senior in high school, we had our first exposure to computers. A Wang, that was line command, and I couldn't memorize the commands. To this day I still don't know how to use DOS. When Apple released their Macintosh in 1984, I was thrilled, no more line command for me. I still don't like line command, even though it is available in OS X. To me that is not the way a computer should be.
    Couldn't agree more. Being in the graphics industry, I rarely use MS software, only to convert Word docs to text. I am forced to use a PC for one client and boy, does that irk me. I have come real close to literally throwing that POS system against the wall.
    Long live the Mac OS and Mac computers.
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    Looks like it will be a great series!

    Thanks for the link!
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    My first glimpse of a PC wasnt too bad because Im not that old or at least I dont look that old (I feel 100). I remember my first glimpse of a Mac. That big tanish colored box. What a beaut (or not) :)

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