Jaguar, $124.95 - $30 = 94.95

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    Jan 9, 2002
    This is more of an FYI - and is NOT the same information from the previous thread on a similar topic (see previous thread here ).

    MacWarehouse is now advertising Mac OS X Version 10.2 Jaguar for $124.95 (that's $4.05 cheaper than the regular list), plus they offer the $30 rebate, which brings the total cost to $94.95. I'm not sure what the shipping costs are, becuase it isn't listed on their site and I went through the purchasing process to find out the shipping, but I got to a login prompt and didn't want to go any further and it didn't list the shipping costs.

    Anyway, the problem is that it is advertised on their main page as $124.95, but when you go to the Jaguar page, it is back to the $129.00 price.

    Below is a screenshot, I am interested in buying this from them because it is the cheapest I found in the U.S. I asked them to correct their pages to reflect the $124.95 price and I encourage anyone else that might buy from them to do the same.


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