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Jul 17, 2002
Just wanted to know some of your opinions on the overall performance of Jaguar and any problems you might have. Just got my copy but I have to wait until I get home tonight to play with it.


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Apr 2, 2002
Hong Kong
Re: Jaguar Reviews

Originally posted by User X
Just wanted to know some of your opinions on the overall performance of Jaguar and any problems you might have. Just got my copy but I have to wait until I get home tonight to play with it.
just look around a bit.. there are tons of threads about it all over the forums..

overall its really great, really fast.. some ppl have been havbing troubles with speed, but i suspect its cause they did an upgrade - i would recommend doing a fresh install.. but all i swell..

have fuN!


[btw: you oughta post something like this is the mac discussion area next time...]


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Jan 24, 2002
Does anyone know how long Jaguar takes to install?

I've inserted the first CD on my 550 Mhz PowerBook. Time remaining: 1 hour 13 minutes! Did anyone else with a PB take this long to install 10.2?

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Mar 2, 2002
macktheknife, sometimes a message will have a radical time displayed for a few seconds/minutes, then it will jump down. I remember updating my Macs with OS 9.x.x and the updater originally displayed something like 30 minutes, and the update was over in about half that.

When I updated my iMac to OS X (then got rid of it) the message quickly had something like two hours on it, but the whole thing took a little over an hour. Your installation should only take about 40 minutes for the one disk.

I managed to install 10.1 on my Cube in under 10 minutes, using an external CD-RW as a 40X CD-ROM. :D :p


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Jan 24, 2002
My impressions

Well, so far so good. The finder feels faster, but I'll need to take it home and plug it to the internet and try running iTunes, Word, etc. simultaneously to see how fast multitasking will be on Jaguar. So far, though, I'm impressed.


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Jun 5, 2002
About the party on 8/23/02 at 10:20 at apple stores, what kind of computer are they giving away. I need to get a comp for school (I write at like 8 words per minute and type at 40) for taking notes. I want an new iBook (700 mhz, 20 GB, Combo) but my mom wants to spend as little as possible. I want to go to the apple store and win myself an iBook.


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Jan 28, 2002
Sunny San Diego

It installed in about 30 min. on my Ti 800. Very smooth install, nice.

I haven't seen the big speed inprovements like others but I suspect thats mostly a factor in slower G4's and G3 machines.

Has anyone noticed that icons just 'look' better in 10.2? Is it Quartz Extreme?

Finder seems improved but window resizing is still not quite fast enough.

Preview app' is way better, nice calculator now (finally!), Terminal is improved but there's a lag after entering commands (?). I see only a minor improvement to QT's performance (bit disappointing).

For: A Very Good Upgrade
Against (Make that very Against): No Upgrade price for those of us who paid $130 last time for 10.0 AND bought a new Mac just a few months ago.

Suggestion: IE 5 is still the low point of using OS X. How about building us a browser Apple?


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Feb 21, 2002
The reason your installs took so long is that you probably did an "upgrade" install. If you did an "archive and preserve users" install it wouldn't have taken as long.


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Apr 6, 2002
Greensboro, NC
Things seems to be great. Finder is quicker, apps open quicker..etc. However, is it just me or does the dock seem to be a little "jumpy"? Not complaining, just wondering if anyone else has seen this. do you get the apps to minimzed on the desktop with the little icons in the lower corner??? Or was I dreaming that I saw this could be done???


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Mar 21, 2002
My 12 hours with Jaguar

Installed upgrade to iMac G3 600 (which had previous clean install of 10.1 updated to 10.1.5 and nothing but a webcam were on this machine). This machine is NOTICABLY faster...including OS 9.2.2 running my webcam. Simply smoking. iChat and Rendezvous worked well. OS 10.2 booted fastest on this machine.

Installed FRESH install on iBook G3 466 (this removing OS 9, don't need it anyway). This system worked well as well..NO problems... Fast booting almost as fast as G3 600..

Installed OS 10.2 on my 15" FlatPanel which had a zillion of Apps (and some problems major problems getting to work "out of the box").

I lost Airport on the FlatPanel (made the Base Station unusable for my machine and took the other Mac's off line too). After an hour on w/ Apple Support we got it working..but still never got a clear idea "what" caused this or if it'll happen again...Base Station needed new software though so hopefully its fixed.

Totally lost usability of my HP 1000 Photo Printer. Not listed/No Driver listed. Worked in OS 10.1.5 but not 10.2...tried installing drivers again but said drivers only work in'll have to wait until Apple or HP fix this.. (bummer!!).

Rendezvous on all machines took a little bit of configuring but worked well, despite all names having unique Rendezvous names--they all list "Christopher Powers" and I am not sure where its getting that (OS install or Address Book)..either way it took me 15 minutes to notice it was working properly--heh.

iChat is another issue. Works well. I have three unique AOL IM names and turned on all iChat's and that's working well. But there are major features missing in iChat that I miss from either AOL IM or Fire..

1. Speaking text of incoming message seems to be missing (Fire & AOL IM both had these). Absolutely amazed that this is was the reason I used AOL IM over Yahoo Pager because it spoke my messages!!

2. Buddy List Management. Its nice to see everyone online in one lump list at the top of the screen (by the clock)..but I miss buddy management in iChat. I have about 50 names and because they're all in ONE GROUP...I don't know who some of these people are off hand....that's going to make me accidently talk to someone I think is someone else...not a good thing.

3. I can see everyone elses AIM iCons (and my Rendezvous iCons) but AOL and AOL IM people cannot see any of my iCons...that's weird...

Ink is cool but had to reinstall Wacom OS X 10 driver and now it took unplugging and plugging the tablet twice but it worked and is nice..

One last thing... I left my iBook and G3600 in sleep mode and they woke up fine this morning. I left the 15" iMac G4 in sleep mode and it WOULD NOT wake up out of sleep mode. I had to do a forced reboot...



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Jan 24, 2002
After one night with Jaguar

Well, after installing 10.2, I took my TiBook home and ran many apps simultaneously to see how my Mac would perform. At work, I have a dumpy PII 400 MHz with about 196 MB of RAM. I usually run IE, Word, Excel, Lotus Notes (for our company's internal e-mails), and AIM all simultaneously. Sometimes I would run other programs like SAS, Visual Basic, Acrobat, PageMaker, or Oracle. I estimate that my work computer crashed maybe 20%-30% of the time, but it ran these apps simultaneously without any noticeable drag, unless of course, I went buck wild on opening too many apps.

Anyhow, at home, I ran Mozilla to surf the web, Word X, Excel X, and AIM, and while performance has improved, my TiBook running 10.2 is still noticeably slower than my computer at work. I know, I know--Mozilla, Office X, etc. are not optimized to take advantage of 10.2. That is why I was in a bit of a more forgiving mood when my apps at home didn't run as fast as I had hoped.

Here are my thoughts on upgrading to Jaguar:

1) Speed: It *is* much faster. The Finder is snappier and more responsive. Boot up time is also faster.

2) iApps: iChat was not as useful as I had thought, so I went back to AIM. I was able to import my addresses quickly to Address Book from Palm Desktop, but the absence of sorting features and the fact that the interface looked a bit bare led me to conclude that more needs to be done before Address Book is fully usable. A bit of a disappointment here.

3) Stability: Jaguar crashed on me once when I removed my USB floppy drive while my TiBook was in sleep mode. A simple restart solved the problem, and I've had no problems since.

4) Virtual PC: Is it just me or did VPC seem a bit faster? I mean, it was still slow, but the drag wasn't as bad when I ran it under 10.1.

In summary, I think that Jaguar is a big step forward. I'm glad I bought it, but I think there is alot of room for improvement. Nevertheless, I want to thank Apple for producing a good product--keep up the good work!
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