jaguar surprise: iPhoto opens at startup !

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by giovanni, Oct 16, 2002.

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    Jul 1, 2002
    For a few days now, Jaguar has been acting funny in that when I switch the computer on and log in, iPhoto opens also. Any idea where this is coming from ? kind of annoying. No, it is not selected as a login item.

    By the way, can anyone recommend a good PS1 (playstation 1) game for a 12-13 year old, and may be also one for a 10 year old. This is a requested gift for my nephews and I know nothing and a half about PS stuff. Thx
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    May 4, 2002
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    playstation hummmm?


    Well a good nice fun game would be Crash Bandicoot, now Sony have made many sequals to this game but if you go to a GameStop or Funcoland store(www.gamestop) you can find this game used for probably about 10 bucks. Also check out EB World ( Each of the places I mention have stores. If you have a Playstation there are plenty of games for it, I think they still make Playstation (Number 1). Playstation 2 is now Sony's main focus, Playstation 2 offers better graphics and better games. Most games now a days are rated T for Teen (13 years or older) For a younger kid I sugest getting a Nintendo GameCube, the system is aimed more for young kids, and include fun and exciting games like Mario Sunshine, Animal Crossing, and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. The GameCube system will cost you $150 the games range anywhere from $29 to $49. If you dont want to spend a lot of money you can get a Nintendo 64, this offers lower graphics but Nintendo's fun games for younger audiences still exists. The Nintendo 64's games run for around $9 to $39 bucks... Well there is also Sega Dreamcast (my favorite) and other systems, but for now I think, asuming that you already own a Playstation 1, that there are plenty games that are for kids, and that you should have no problem finding games rated E (E for everyone)

    EDIT!: I just noticed that I thought you were buying a game for your own son, in which case you might have bought a newer Video Game System rather then a game, have the kid's mom ask the kid what he wants for his birthday, hey its no suprise but if a kid gets a game he doesnt like he won't play it. Maybe get him a gift card for Toys R' Us or another Game Store, that way he can pick out his own game, one that he likes. My relitives do taht for me and I love it! :D So that way I can pick out what I want... Hope I have helped (yet agian)

    As for your Macintosh problem... do you have a Camera hooked up to your mac when you startup? Becuase if you have a camera connected, iPhoto might automaticly luanch (based on your own personal settings) I hope I have helped... :D :cool:

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