January 10, 2005: Year of HD

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    nothing has changed.

    the FCC is taking their sweet time forcing gigantic multinational billionaire corporations to switch to HD broadcasting.

    Apple jumped the gun, and IMO looked a fool doing it, but no one seems to remember.

    The year of HD wont arrive until EVERY SINGLE tv you can buy is HD, even the crappiest piece of crap is HD, and there isnt a single SD tv in sight.

    Oh, and when/if they can decide on a standard for broadcast (currently 4 major ones) and playback (bluray HD-DVD)

    so, its never gonna happen.

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    Jan 10, 2006
    Yeah, pretty funny now. Wonder how funny this year's MWSF 'year of the iTV/AppleTV whatever you want to call it' will look in 2 years time ;).

    And what of other Apple slogans like the anemic 'year of the laptop'---which would be more appropriate, I guess, to 2006 with the switch to much more potent Intel mobile chips (poor marketing hype, tie-in I suppose was the news that more laptops are selling than desktops)

    'year of HD', I guess, was meant to tie-in the Apple editing software which could do HD from some HD source material, either consumer level or professional level formats. Not that HD was going to be pervasive in all forms...that's going to take a long time, even though HD is building more and more steam these days with so many HD TV's being sold now, and now the recording wars start with HD-DVD v. BR, but they are selling now.

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