January 29, 1994: IBM Goes Mac?

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    I wonder how things would have changed if the big names like IBM, Compaq, and Gateway would have been let in instead of startups.
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    In a sense, IBM was let in. They manufactured the PowerPC chips for the next decade. But as for cloning, I'm glad that Apple eventually veered from that road. Macs would have ended up just like Windows boxes: a bug-ridden mess. I used to view Apple as a monopoly until I realized that what makes their hardware and software so great is that Apple completely designs and oversees it all. What they produce is a really stable product with a unique visually-pleasing interface.

    Perhaps the industry is starting to finally learn from this. HP is planning to make their own OS to go with their hardware. It's sort of like the "old days" with Tandy and Amiga and Commodore and Texas Instruments. Each had their own closed system, and each system had its fans. The problem was interoperability. Microsoft (and IBM) created homogeneity. But now with so much open source software, the interoperability problem might not be such a deterrent.

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