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    Jewel Thieves: Knight's Armor is now available in the App Store for FREE universally for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (+iPhone 5 support)!

    Knight's Armor is the first episode of our exciting new series, Jewel Thieves, and a new perspective on the classic match-three puzzle style game. What sets Knight’s Armor and the entire Jewel Thieves Series apart from the rest is the use of natural physics. Most jewel-matching games use the typical jewel switch or tap-and-fall methods. We utilize a physics based engine to let the jewels flow by the your actions and decisions. This also makes for fast-paced, challenging decisions because every action has a reaction.


    The basic game play is to match 3 or more of the same color jewels by sliding your finger across them. A ring is placed around the current touched jewel, and to connect to another same color jewel, this ring must be touching that next jewel. Sliding from jewel to jewel, your path is brilliantly lighted. If three or more jewels are lit up and you release your finger, they will burst into colorful eye candy. Jewels fall from the top varying in speed based on game progress. If the jewels reach the top of the screen, it’s game over.

    There are three game play modes to choose from:

    • Adventure - Includes 90 exhilarating levels. The objective of this mode is to collect the target amount of jewels (shown on the top of the screen) for each level.
    • Lightning - Match as many jewels as you can in 60 action-packed seconds. Bring an umbrella, it's stormy out…
    • Zen - Think. Breathe. Take it slow. Jewels only fall when you make a move.

    • Three different Game Play Modes
    • 90 levels in Adventure mode of jewel-matching fun (Many more to come!)
    • Add up to five boosters at a time to help with those challenging levels and rocket your score to rule the leaderboards
    • Earn free keys the more you play!
    • Strut your skills and get rewarded at the end of each level!
    • Game Center leaderboards for you and your friends to prove your skills
    • Detailed statistics to track your skills
    • Glamorous retina graphics that will make you cry (+iPhone 5 support)
    • Easy to play, hard to master....

    Five (5) Boosters are allowed to be purchased at a time with coins and put into the your scroll for in-level use. Items can be sold back for the same price by tapping on them in the scroll while the Shop is open. Coins can be earned by completing levels, and more coins are earned based on completing a level in the game mode selected. The modes are ranked as follows: Adventure= Low Coin Earnings, Lightning = Medium Coin Earnings, Zen = High Coin Earnings. You can also purchase as many coins as you want via IAP's within the in-game Shop.

    Konig Keys are used to open a level in Adventure mode or play a round in Lightning and Zen modes. Konig Keys will replenish based on the timer in the scroll, and coins can also buy Konig Keys. If you don’t lose or exit the level, you can continue without the use of another Konig Key. Warnings are in place so that no keys are lost unfairly.

    Below is a list of all the current boosters and associated actions:

    Jester Hat
    Drops 5 Jester Jewels over a few seconds. These special jewels match with any color jewel.

    Hammer Slam
    Explodes all rocks on the screen.

    Bomb Attack
    Press and hold your finger to set the bomb attack area. When released, jewels within the area will burst and be collected.

    Arrow Attack
    Calls upon your fellow archers and collect any jewels the arrows hit.

    Sword Swipe
    Once this booster is pressed, you have 3 seconds to swipe away as many jewels as possible with your finger.

    The Knight’s Call
    Calls upon your fellow Knight’s and collects all jewels on the screen. This booster cannot be used in Zen Mode.

    Plans and schedules are in place to expand Knight’s Armor with regular updates to include more Adventure Packs, enhance and expand boosters, add more game play modes, incorporate game center achievements, increase in-level challenges, and much more. As stated above this is the first episode of the Jewel Thieves Series, and we are already planning a second episode.

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    Schmodie was a small and peaceful village surrounded by vibrant colorful trees, a quiet flowing river, and lush rolling hills full of rich jewel mines. The villagers knew each other well, and lived in harmony together. This peaceful land was ruled by a great king- King Putz the Magnificent. Once a mighty king, Putz led the kingdom into unrivaled prosperity. The local mines flourished, and the people of Schmodie were thriving. King Putz and his most trusted Knights, Sir Brinklesworth, worked diligently to protect the good people of Schmodie. The King’s most loyal guards received glorious armor, and extraordinary weapons far superior than any other Knight’s.

    All things were right in Schmodie, until one gloomy evening, a dark messenger was seen riding into Putz Castle. Since that day, the King locked himself up in the high towers of his Castle and sent henchman each night to steal the villager’s jewels. No one knows what the mysterious messenger told the King that evening…

    You are Schmodie’s only hope to stand up to King Putz, and venture into the Castle to retrieve their stolen jewels. With the unique armor and weapons, help storm King Putz’s Castle and recover the villagers’s jewels in this addictive puzzle adventure!

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    We would love to hear all of your suggestions and feedback! We will review and consider all of your suggestions and possibly implement them into the game. Thank you very much for all your support and interest in our games!

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