Jobs' Keynote - Macworld SF


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Apr 12, 2001
Steve Jobs' MacWorld SF Keynote will be webcast live at 9am PT on January 7th.

It's an event you won't want to miss.

Jeff Sutton writes: is reporting that Jobs is giving a Keynote at CES the day after his Keynote at MacWorld. This might explain the move to Monday for the Macworld Keynote. This all came from a printer who happened to notice Steve Jobs name listed on a keynote flyer they were printing for CES.

Now, why would Steve be presenting at CES? According to the Go2Mac article are the following quotes:

"presenting Apple's line of digital lifestyle appliances" and "an intuitive vision for consumer devices: think simple."

Hes Nikke

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Apr 16, 2001
no CES

jobs isn't going to be doing a keynote at CES

Shawn King wrote
Brad Jones at CES (703-907-7060) told me that it's not true, that Bob
Pittman, Co-COO of AOL Time Warner, had cancelled well before Thanksgiving
and the slot has already been filled by Bill Esrey, Chairman and CEO
Sprint Corporation.

Another rumor crashing and burning under the weight of those inconvenient
things called "facts".


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Sep 3, 2001
yea but still what about the digital appliances, notice appliances being plural hence more than just an ipod

Ensign Paris

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Nov 4, 2001
Think Simple....

Steve says to think simple, hmm, what could this mean.

Apple External Had Disks?
Apple PDA? (PLS Don't flame me)
Upgraded iPod?

I expect we will get an iMac, due to it being a simple machine.



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Oct 23, 2001
Consumer imac?

Here in Switzerland we already have shops saying that from 7 january on there will be massive price reductions with the g4's and ibooks ...hmmm

I predict that the new imac will not be the consumer low end, but the consumer high end with the ibook becoming the new consumer entry machine ... maybe at 800+ $
the g4(1/2) or g5 will be high end and the g4 powerbook inbetween ... so the portables will switch places with the desktops in the apple productline

this makes sense, because why should i buy a pricey flatimac if ican have a portable XGA lcd ibook wiyh the same performance? i.e. the imac will also have a speed bump ...

wadda ya think? total bull?


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Nov 13, 2001
What is CES?? I thought he moved it a day earlier because of the introduction of something cool?? What is CES??



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Dec 1, 2001
Jobs At CES

The story is UNTRUE, BOGUS, A FALSEHOOD. SJ will not Keynote CES and therefore the "Digital Appliances" story is also untrue. Get it?


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Dec 21, 2001
This One is Big even by our standards

Take a peak at they have posted a large sign right at the home page stating that "this one is big, even by our standards" in reference to Macworld....I think it's more then a computer they are selling here cuz they have never done this before not with the cube which flopped or even the imac.... i mean they didn't even say this prior to announcing the guess is some digital device that is not a computer taht is bigger then the ipod...perhaps the newton is back or maybe something better....and by big I bet he also means computers are getting fixed up too....but i really odn't know all that much about computers just know that i'm excited for something new to come our way from apple :)


Oh Sh**

I was just thinking what if apple decides to switch gears. Ok you know with the Ipod and the quote This is going to be big, even for our standards (Not sure if thats how if goes). Well, lets say apple wants to change get out of the puter business and into the consumer electronics business and is going to stop making puters. Thought about that, maybe the ipod was just the first step. I'm not saying that is going to happen just think about it!


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Nov 6, 2001
Hey evenmark...

Where do you live... and what apple store are you talking about???

I'm in the Lausanne, Geneva area and I have 3 Macs stores (that I know of) nearby.


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Dec 1, 2001
Apple is not getting out of the "puter" business. A new iMac, new Towers, refreshed notebooks - they just signed a deal to make a million new iBooks for 2002, are coming either at MWNY or Tokyo. Digital devices such as the iPod are small potatoes compared to computers for Apple. A new Newton? No way. SJ has said they're not going to get into the PDA business. Palm and Handspring are having trouble... sales are way down. 6 more days and we will all know the truth.


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Aug 1, 2001
Santa Cruz Ca
I've said it before.................

I'll recap earlier rants.

1. Apple will not be producing a PDA
2. Apple, Time-Warner, Motorolla, Sprint and IBM are about totake it in the shorts from MS's new holding company.
3.Apple has had a competative design war with MS for Consumer Data Appliances going for about three years.
4. MS is about to finalize a beta that looks suspiciously like "mystic".
5. When Newton was cancelled there was a design for a 6x8 "tablet" size version that was never implemented.
6. Apple is the producer of Quicktime which is the official format of Real Networks.
7. Real Networks is working to provide streaming video en mass.
8. Apple is an innovator in Wi-Fi and 802.11b appliances are available with ranges exceeding ten miles for a "base station".
9.There have been VERY TIGHTLY HELD Apple rumors from R&D staff that Apple will be starting a Wi-Fi ISP.
10. The secret of Wi-Fi is it's ability to bypass bottlenecks by intelligently route packets around them along the web of Wireless trancievers. Therefore the functioning bandwidth is greater for an Array of such appliances than it's base speed would dictate for hard wired networks.
11. see other posts for Mystic Consumer Electronics Design.