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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 23, 2008.

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    You and every mac fan probably thinks that but you are so misled that guy is one of the richest in the world he has a net worth of over 6 billion. See he gets his wealth from stocks that he owns in apple computer, he actually makes more money that way then if he was paid annual salary from apple. Bill gates does the same thing
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    I love that Jobs still only gets $1.00. Thats hilarious. It shows just how much he's made and has over the years. That bit about the jet is true as well though so it's not as ridiculous as it seems. I love Jobs. He's so charismatic, he's the symbol of Apple more than the:apple:. Lol that would be funny if every apple product shipped with Jobs on the back instead of the apple logo. Heh. He'd like that. Even though he wears the turtle neck and jeans, and earns 1 buck a year, his ego is still pretty big.:p
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    Nowhere does it say that he isn't rich, and the article was clear about his stock holding. His salary just shows that, while far, far from perfect, he at least is 1) not taking even more money for running the company, and 2) is essentially counting on the performance of the company to maintain the value of that stock. Since the performance of the company is, unfortunately, very much tied to his performance, his fortunes rise and fall with his actions.

    Of course, there's also his Pixar/Disney involvement, which also greatly adds to his net worth.
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    Thinks what?
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    He has 5 Million shares in Apple. Therefore, he has lost about $350,000,000 this month. That's pretty stiff.

    Who's misled? it's an interesting peculiarity. I think it's a great way to pay a CEO. I think they should ONLY be paid in stock. That way their pay is very directly tied to the company's performance. The only problem with that is when you get a case like Apple--company posts record profits and drops a record amount the next day, all because of stupid investors and a severely slouching market, none of which are the CEO's fault.

    I'm not saying that he hasn't made a TON of money, I am just saying that owning stock is a much riskier compensation than getting paid cash, even with the dollar sucking it up the way it is these days.
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    Yes, we know

    No-one said anything about his stocks, and all of us know he has a ton. But it is still quite funny to see someone as iconic and famous as him getting paid only 1 dollar a year. When he started the company, he split the shares between him and Woz, but as they admitted newcomers, Woz and Jobs were forced to relinquish some of their stock, and so in this way, Steve's stock has diminished, but he still remains one of the richest people alive, despite the weakness of the dollar as of late.

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