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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by billyboy, Nov 5, 2003.

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    Just been listening to Steve Jobs and his cronies telling the analysts what is happening with Apple. Hold on to you hats, Apple is really really bullish, but unlike much of the sales blurb normally reserved for such announcements, they have the figures and the strategy to back up the claims. As the main beneficiaries of the success of OSX, Apple believes it will be the leading software developer in the industry and are not phased at all by MS. They have modest expectations of figures, but if the economy improves even slightly, Apple bottom line will fly and continue to strengthen their ability to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

    The sales strategy is really aggressive and focussed, hinging on the stores for spreading the Apple word. Also agents, 8000 3rd party store placements, some direct sales people targetting businesses, education and government. And this is a really brief list of some of what was said.

    40% of macs sold in Apple stores are to first time Mac buyers.

    7% of the laptop market is held by Apple

    No 3 supercomputer runs Panther consumer OS and cost one tenth of the cost of the number one computer and took one tenth the time to set it up.

    Another 11 stores to open by next Back to School

    Apple stores are already in profit, stores will be selling genuine Christmas gifts going way beyond pure computer sales. They have two formats for stores 30 foot wide and 45 foot wide, and due to the new image and bulk buying, operating costs are down 10%. Staff turnover is the lowest of any corporation in the US. In store servicing, next day collection, sessions at genius bars bookable via internet. The trafic is already so high they will not be advertising their store promotions.

    The iPod is not going to go below 1000 song capacity, so flash storage is not going to happen. The TV market may be in their sights, but not integrated with computers. The mobile phone market per se also not in mind, because you have to go through third parties to get a service for your handset, but will continue to develop Panther to take advantage of bluetooth phones and syncing phones with laptops.

    80% of all legal downloads of music are via iTunes. iTunes is not a money-spinner, and is the tool for selling profitable iPods, which offset the investments in iTunes and then some, therefore, the question is, why are Napster under the impression they can make money.

    $4.5bn in the bank, a conservative policy making the money work as a comfort zone- hints at acquisitions but only if they can meet the strict Apple criteria. Investing $500m in R&D this year, and the only player in the industry investing to such a high level through recession. If the economy expands very modestly Apple will fly. At $8bn they have potential for 7% net profit.

    One to one education is the future face of selling to education, selling in lots of 38000, 25000, 5000 laptops to various school districts.

    Apple will be the number one software developer due to being the main beneficiary of OS development.

    I expect there is loads more, cant remember.
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    That's awesome to hear, perhaps in a few years Apple will gain a few more percentage points in the computer market with this strategy.
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    things seem to be opening up and paying off for our gang in cupertino. the VT cluster is generating a lot of enterprise buzz, and their product line is now well rounded and attractive. The comeback of desktop and educational sales looks promising. Sounds like apple is in a pretty nice position.

    BTW- i wonder when we'll see the G5 XServes.
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    thank you for the recap. it's hard to wade through so much info for all of this good stuff, i stopped reading/listening to meetings a while ago. but there are some very positive numbers there, and not too much spin...

    apple has always been cocky, now there's some good reason :)

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    They were really upbeat for sure, but just very realistic and the stats backed up their positive spin. Its like three years of heavy heavy investment and fairly static progress on the surface has meant they have taken a few knocks on the chin from critics saying they are a spent force and all hail PCs, but ... The stores were deemed a massive gamble and whereas according to predictions, the last one was supposed to have been closed down by now, it has gone the other way. They have spent about $300m on outlets, and have been completely ruthless about site location. Having heard it from the horse´s mouth, it is completely logical that there are 7? stores in New York and none in wherever other state. If it is not guaranteed to succeed, it doesnt get built. Also their emphasis on design has spread to architecture and as a consequence, the minimalist Apple touch has resulted in huge set up cost reductions. They have studied Gateway and seen a fair number of their 100 latest stores close down. Not one single Apple store has failed apparently, and with the sheer numbers of people walking in to a store completely focussed on Apple Apple Apple solutions, 97% are saying they would recommend their friends to go take a look. That success has cut out the need to spend further millions on advertising, and so it goes on. It is a very impressive scenario.

    It sounds like if you are motivated there are some exciting opportunities for joining Apple as a reseller.

    Just wish they had the same plan for the UK:mad:

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