Jobs the survivor as Apple triumphs

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 7, 2005.

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    Survive or Prosper? Let me split a hair or two...

    Few of us have an issue with "surviving" the way Steve Jobs has survived down through the years. Yes, Apple lost the desktop wars, lost its way, but continues to thrive, not survive; prosper even.

    That's the hair. Surviving is being on the other side of the concrete wall when the bomb hits. Surviving is what your airbag does for you during a severe car wreck. Surviving is running back to your 3rd floor Phuket beach hotel room for sunscreen just as that tsunami devastates everything below.

    Those who live, survive (it's a start).

    "Prosper" is what it's all about.

    Steve Jobs has prospered as few humans will ever or could imagine. One element of prospering is "sweet revenge" and it's about to happen with Apple vs. Microsoft. Watch this year. Here come a few bombs, torpedos, and C2 from Jobs and Company.

    iLife 05: iTunes, iMovie, iDVD, iPhoto, Garageband.
    iWork '05: Word processing, spreadsheet, Keynote.
    Mac OS X Tiger: All the fun stuff we love so much. And more.
    A $500 Mac: Market share? 1-percent means $Billions.
    iPhone (or whatever): People buy phones because they're cool. What's cooler than this?
    Surprises: Apple loves 'em. The only surprise from Microsoft is when something works.

    Yes, prosper is better than survive.

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    It's a great list and it is only the beginning of the year, BUT the question about all of those is advertising. Most people I tlak to still think of OS 8 and 9 from school. It's because there wasn't an aggressive campaign about how different X was. Most college kids or high school kids associate a mac with a mad interface that doesn't have much to offer (remember all they have seen are emacs that the school gets then installs 9 on letting OS X never be run). So, if Tiger, iLife, iWork (especially office comaptibility), and the headless mac are marketed witht he television, that's where us kids waste our lives anyways, market share would go up. It's not saying what they have to offer, but what they can accomplish with what they offer and how fun stuff can be when you use the apps (especially garageband or iMovie, film major bias to film).

    To sum up:
    it's a killer line up, but can they get the ideas of what this lineup does out into the heads of the general public or are they doomed to ignorance?
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    FWIW, that's actually an article from the (UK) Independent - the NZ Herald just reprinted it.
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    i don't think i've agreed with anything anyone has ever said more than that. 1984 was a good ad. in my opinion, the only useful one apple has had. imo, they just dont put the effort anymore. sure there are thousands of print ipod adds. but apple needs to be on tv with the WHOLE line up. they need to come stronger than the guy being blown into a tree.

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