Jobs Vs. Dell in Dueling Keynotes

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 10, 2007.

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    i love the bit where it talks about apple's customer loyality, the revolutionary ipod, the charasmatic Jobs, the apple tv which could do the same for home entertainment as the ipod did more mobile music, and the anouncement of the iphone...

    and then turns to Dell's contribution: the "Plant a Tree for Me" program :D
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    I do agree, but the Dell environmental initiatives are really cool. It's about time some computer company started to take responsibility for the massive waste they produce. I think this is probably the first case where Apple could actually learn something from Dell.
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    Dell said he wasn't worried about his company's news getting overshadowed by the media attention for Apple.
    "I think our announcements are going to get the recognition they deserve," he said.


    plant a tree.. talking about "reality distortion field"... why nobody ever talks about the mines in Congo, vital for all our electronic pleasures?
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    "Dell, meanwhile, introduced a new environmental "Plant a Tree for Me" program in which it offered to plant a tree for every PC sold. It also challenged the industry to follow its lead with a free recycling program and introduced some new computing products and services."

    [oh, the last part of that statement is strong!.... "some new computing products and servies"...

    Ya know, if you really base your decision on buying a personal computer on whether or not the company plants a tree for you seems not quite right. I rely on computer companies to make good products because I can't make my own computer. I can, however, plant a tree all by myself! Apple tree sounds good to me.
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    I think the responsibility lies with us, the end users, for the environmental damage, not so much the manufacturers.

    Anyway, my desktop machine is a Dell with Windoze XP, and I managed to buy it in mid 2004 just as Dell's customer service and build quality started going straight down the toilet.
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    The San Jose Mercury had a few articles on CES and Macworld. One writer mentioned how they seemed to be locked into the room where Michael Dell was giving his speech though one of the Dell people called the exhibition people who later opened the door.

    Dell tried to be exciting and the closest they came was when overheating batteries exploded. They've continually hammered business with deals, not that it makes a difference but the bigger the business, the more likely the price factor gets attention.

    They've got their hands full trying to keep HP out of the way, staying out of Apple's way, and watching out for their own business strategies to hurt them.

    I'm sure Michael Dell had to focus on things like recycling because it makes people think about something that's actually going well.
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    Exactly. A company that has had such an impact on personal computers, mp3 players and possibly phones should be at the forefront of environmental causes. Well thats my view atleast

    Here is one good link

    Theres nothing that says Apple cant continue being the company it has been while improving drastically on environmental issues
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    I like that many Dells are assembled right in the Good Old U.S.A. and not building China's army/navy. Imagine assembled in the USA. Thats thinking different these days.
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    I'm as much of an Apple cheerleader as anybody I know, and generally don't care for Dell, but I can't (won't) find anything negative to say about Dell's "Plant a Tree for Me" program.

    Dell sells a lot of computers, which equals a lot of trees being planted.
    Maybe not a giant forest, but at the very least people will be reminded of the situation.
    I see it as being meant to inspire others to do the same, which is a good use of their position in the industry.

    Promoting change for the good of all can only be positive.

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