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Apr 12, 2001
Adam wrote in to tell us:

I look at a couple of rumor sites every once and a while, and most of you guys tell me that thier is going to be new hardware at Paris 2001, but Steve says something else. Maybe just putting his hand over our eyes, or is he telling the truth?

I think he's telling the truth. Given the signifciant new hardware at MWNY (and throughout this year, really) we've not been expecting any new hardware coming out of the Paris Expo. I don't blame Jobs for defusing expectations up front, given the degree to which people seem to have had unfulfilled expectations at MWNY. Which has amazed us here at Macrumors. Yes, this is a rumors site, and it's great fun to speculate, but it's wise to keep one's expectations grounded somewhat within the realms of reality, as an Apple Event approaches (though, in truth, MWNY '01 brought some of the most significant hardware advancements in recent years).


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Jul 26, 2001

I think that there will be a PowerBook. Since the CD burner deal ends in september, and the expo is in september, i think it makes sense. Furthermore, Steve admitted that Apple missed the whole CDRW craze on their new computers. The PowerBook is also 6 months old, which is the time between some of the the last iMac updates.


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Aug 17, 2001
South Central Pennsylvania
I guess the question is what "no new hardware" actually means...

Does it mean absolutely nothing new?

Or does it mean that there are no "big" changes (new iMac form factor, etc) yet some minor ones come through? Such as the CD burner for the TiPB?

Still holding out for an iMac with a combo drive...


from the general disgust that greeted MWNY, Im a bit surprised to see that history is being re-written here.... "significant new hardware"? uhh...really? only the dual 800 was significant, and that hardly so. Speed bumping is not exactly 'significant' in my book, and nor is it in many others judging by the response MWNY got. Its merely keeping afloat in a competitive market . As for the quicksilver makeover - its not exactly a new design, eh?
blake - what exactly were these signifiant new hardware developments at MWNY? superdrive? dual chips?? id go for ' minor evolution' rather than 'significant advance'

on an aside what of the gf3mx rumoured to be released on friday, and the GF3 pro? any news as wether they will be 'appled' ?


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Jul 9, 2001
You're all delusional...

There's no way Apple is going to release new hardware at Paris. Who knows, maybe Steve's special satelite appearnace at Seybold will be the "One More Thing" which is new hardware, but I doubt it.

I'm thinking that at the most, Final Cut for OS X will be the "One More Thing" at Paris.


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Jul 20, 2001
don't forget

"significant new hardware" also includes both the PowerBook G4 and the new iBook, both introduced this year.


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Aug 20, 2001
Your expectations are too high.

Here we all go again... expecting Apple to unveil this, that, and everything else. Apple may drop a new CD drive in their G4 laptop. I predict no speed bump, I predict no better graphics. Apple can't defy reality, and the reality is that the tiBook is already running hot, even with the older, more efficient G4 core. Anyone here looked at how big the heatsinks are on the new G4's, by chance? The whole "G4 is sooooooo efficient" thing is basically over. (On the other hand, the 256k G3's seem to run much cooler.)

We will not see faster CPU's at Paris (certainly not a new core). A slim chance of better graphics, its a small thing after all, and I bet there'll be a better CD drive. But thats it. Everyone should remain calm.


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Jun 13, 2001
Atlanta, GA

Give me shipping versions of OS X 10.1 and iDVD2 and I'll be a happy camper. Final Cut Pro for OS X would be nice too...

Remember, Seybold starts a few days earlier, and while I don't expect anything like a new iMac to be debuted there, a revision to the TiBook wouldn't be a big surprise either.

For me, OS X 10.1 & OS X native software is the order of the day....

Scab Cake

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Jul 26, 2001
You have to realize...

>>Anyone here looked at how big the heatsinks are on the new G4's, by chance? The whole "G4 is sooooooo efficient" thing is basically over. (On the other hand, the 256k G3's seem to run much cooler.)

You have to realize that Motorola has officially stated that the G4 will top out at about 1 GHz. The heatsink is, of course, going to be pretty big. They're getting ready for the G5 if you ask me. I'm waiting til January to get my new computer. However, even if the G5 isn't ready in January, I'm sure that they're going to bump up the processor speed until it tops out sometime in 1st or second quarters of next year. Then the g5 will probably come out mid-year. Well, the announcement will be made mid-year and then they'll be available in September, which means that they'll ship around September 28, and we won't get them til October. :)



Just an observation...

If theres no new h/w at paris, why are all the apple UK 'deals' ending on the 30th of September? And secondly, the Ti is seriously overpriced/underspecced in comparison to the much cheaper cd-r/dvd iBook ( which I have to say, Im very pleased with bar the lifting keyboard). The bulky 'free' dvd drive ( which is a total pain having to 'claim' from apple.....why do they do this? why can they ship it in the same box? or at least at the same time?) defeats the object of a 3000 quid svelte lap top.

Pissed Off

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Jul 18, 2001
"There was significant new hardware at MWNY" You are absolutely kidding me. Do you mean the 733 Quicksilver that is actually slower than the old 500 Mhz G4s? Do you mean the iMacs that got a speed bump and ROSE in price to become ridiculously overpriced? Or do you mean the digital camera that Steve threw because it didn't work?

Stop the revisionism now. You guys were VERY upset at MWNY, as I recall. You said there was going to be an all-new iMac, a dramatically new PowerMac (I love my 867 Quicksilver, but it's not that different), and maybe even a new handheld. You guys blew it, so stop the revisionism.


Minor Tweaks

I think the press release is really important. MWNY was a serious disappointment and so by recalibrating expectations they can avoid the sour note MWNY ended on.

That said, I suspect hard drive sizes, base memory, and CD-RW/DVD combo drives will be changed around much like previous years' Paris shows have been used to rev specs a bit.

Thus, nothing significant but they do need to deliver some more options. Possibly only as Build to Order. Me, I am holding out for a 30/48 GB drive in the laptop.



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Aug 21, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
Ok so Steve is covering himself so that there is no disappointment on the hardware front, but what about the software front? Notice he only said "no new hardware" about the consumer and pro versions of iPhoto that are soon to be released? Maybe they'll make the cut...who knows...let's just not get our hopes up like at MWNY!


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Jul 31, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA
Who was it who commented that Jobs doesn't lie, he omits? What will be there all depends on his definition of new hardware. The powerbook hasn't been updated for a while, and all these deals ending in September that we see are indicative of some kind of upgrade. If it doesn't happen in Paris, expect it soon thereafter. Most likely a small processor jump if any and increased storage. Outside chance of a combo drive, if slot loading ones exist. I hope no one is getting their hopes up for a superdrive or new iMac.

I think Jobs miscalculated the amount of speculation and the letdown that it would cost. Although there was really no reason to be dissappointed, people were anyway and Jobs knows this. He's probably trying to lower expectations to avoid this. Also, if he lowers them, it's easier to announce something that exceeds them, and everybody's happy.

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Aug 21, 2001

Wondering why anybody hasn't mentioned frickin' Seybold here? Hello, Seybold is graphicsville central. We will get new hardware here, as Jobs didn't say anything about it. Can you say Ti2?


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May 12, 2001

WHO CARES ABOUT iPHOTO????? please tell me, WHO CARES?? It is like a lite program with some unneccesary effects. All of which Photoshop 6 has and is WAY more powerful. iPhoto is truly unecessary.


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Aug 3, 2001

Hi Kela....

Ok I agree with you that photoshop 6 does have all the features iphoto will have. But please don't forget about the price. iPhoto doesn't focus on the same people..iPhoto won't be for the pros....It's just an another way for apple and their digital hub strategy. So photoshop is still number 1 but iphoto could be for free and preinstalled on every new mac....Thats the point. Apple knows about their relationship to adobe.....they won't risk anything

My opinion...

Shaft :D

d_Wez in da Haus

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Aug 22, 2001
There will be no hardware

With the world market as it is its doubtful there will be any new surprises. The new iMac may make it for Christmas but what sane company would introduce a revolutionary new computer when no ones in a postion to buy it.

We'd all rather see something come out and it be as popular as it should be than it to come out and stay on the shelves. I can't say I'm not disappointed but I think Apple's watching the ball very closely on this one.


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Aug 21, 2001

what do you care about? not for games, so thats a large consumer market apple can ignore as far as your concerned. not iphoto either cos there photoshop... For most people, photoshop is an expensive bloated beast - your average 'home' user (ie me!) has no need for most of the functions, and hardly any knowledge what they do! Its pure overkill! how many home users require all the fancy pre-press features on a daily basis? why pay 400 quid and get 30 quids worth of use? im longing for something cheaper, freindlier and more useful than ezphoto!

So given these caveats - what do you suggest we use our spangly home apples for? iMovie? personally, I never got of on the home holiday movie thing, and I dont know anyone that has (in fact, if I had to sit through sickly movies of kids and holidays, these people would be friends no more!). I sat around yesterday thinking what I'd do with a dvd-r drive, and the answer was not alot. this dvd hype that apples is pushing seems to me just that. hype.


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May 12, 2001

Yo not saying iPhoto is bad, Im agreeing with you that like iDVD and iMovie, iPhoto is USELESS!. Secondly, other paint/touch up programs already exist that are freeware and quite powerful. Personally i dont know what apple plans to do with iPhoto? Secondly, look at that useless i-Tunes!! AS IF MAC USERS HAVENT SEEN A Mp3/radio player with good graphics before??!! DUHH!
Look, im a mac user and so are you. You say iPhoto is something that you have been waitin for, and I say its uselss. That makes 50% saying no to iPhoto and 50% saying yes to it. Just imagine if this is the case with the whole mac market! STEVE's got a problem.

- Kelanization


iTunes useless????!

Sorry mate, but iTunes is FAR from useless! iTunes is arguably the best MP3 player/recorder around, and it is FREE! How can such a high quality piece of FREE software be useless? I have used many MP3 players in the past, some of which I paid for, and I can honestly say that iTunes is the best one I have used!

I wonder if iTunes 2.0 will be announced at Paris?!

The iStuff suite is a great thing from Apple, iMovie is the only digital video editing software I ever use, and that is free too! iPhoto may not be astounding, but it will be welcome on my Mac!



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May 1, 2001
My little speculation..

Seybold will be exactly ONE day before MacWorld Paris... no news from Steve about what will or won't be unveiled there.. hint hint.. He also said no "new" hardware, but is that quite the same as no "revisions"?

Since the TiBook + CDRW external deal ends days before, and since Apple is suddently issuing $50 off for anything priced $999 or more ($999 being the lowest iMac model).. Apple is doing what it always does to clear inventory before a new or revised model is announced at a show..

Seybold Prediction:

1. Seybold shows off TiBook with choice of CDRW or Combo Drives.
2. TiBook graphics are updated to something of the NVidia portable flavor to provide further bang for the buck and product differentiation away from iBook. No better convention to introduce improved graphics at! (iBook has shown much stronger sales since its last rev which made it a truly great little notebook. Apple TiBook sales have been lost to many favoring the iBook because it's the only model with CDRW built in.)

MacWorld Paris:

1. Software announcement #1.. All Macs now shipping set to OS 10.1 as default bootup system.
2. Software announcement #2.. iTunes bumped up to rev. 1.2 which features a multiband EQ and support for the ignored SRS features in most Mac onboard sound chipsets.
3. Software announcement #3.. iPhoto shipping free. Sure, there are things that do more and better, but nobody (especially new Mac users and potential buyers) will turn their nose up at free software.
4. Free posters will be passed out featuring a dancing monkey boy Steve Balmer in front of a Microsoft banner and a caption that says something like "Planet of the Apples" ;D
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