Judge Dismisses Psystar Bankruptcy, Blocks Stays Against App...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 11, 2009.

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    January 11, 2010...

    Someone should make a countdown widget. :p

    Edit: Hey, look at that. :D

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    Was it ever shown/proven, who were the "mysterious financial backers" behind Psystar?

    Was it Madoff? :rolleyes:
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    Oh, that's awesome....
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    thats brilliant!! nothing like dashboard coding to while away the summer holidays..

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    my norton antivirus for mac detected a mac virus:eek:

    jk. i dont even know why i wasted time to post this. lol
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    I honestly hope that Apple loses this one, I know that may sound crazy but I think that they need a little competition. Apple does not have a machine that is affordable and expandable. This company is exploiting a gap in Apples product line that should have never been there in the first place.
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    I disagree. "Should never have been there" means you buy a PC if that's what you need. Apple gets to choose what they make; they aren't forced by anyone to give you what you think you want.
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    Why? If you want something cheaper go to a windows or linux machine. They have plenty of compatition... windows for one.
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    Exactly. What Apple has so ingeniously done is made their brand into something that consumers demand. When the demand is there, the supplier has all the power. So it doesn't really matter what the consumer wants, Apple has the ability to determine what exactly is in their offerings, because Apple knows, regardless of what they offer (or what they don't), people will buy their products.

    Google "over-segementation." Sound like some other software maker we all know of?
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    There is absolutely no reason for Apple to feel obliged to offer a low priced entry level machine. Historically Apple has been viewed as a "luxury brand" and that has worked for them. Look at the rise in their laptop sales, look at the demand for the iphone which Balmer scoffed at ("No one is going to pay $500 for a phone! Ha!"). As mentioned before, Apple has created a line of products (and a computing experience) that many people desire. If that demand is there, Apple has the power to charge whatever they wish and has no need to create a cheaper product to satisfy the masses, that was never their target audience for computers.

    Besides, a used or refurbished Mac is a couple to a few hundred dollars cheaper than a new one. People looking for a cheap Mac should look no further than craigslist / eBay.

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