Judge orders an entire racial group of of his courtroom

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by nbs2, Apr 3, 2008.

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    How is this not getting more press coverage. Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to lead the crusade against inequality in the courtroom?

    Personally, I'm fine with the idea of trying to hit a target audience - the judge was trying to do his best. But, had Judge Arrington been a little, uh, lighter skinned, and this would have been headline news. Even more so if a white Judge had tried to deliver a message to a white audience. Consistency is all I seek.
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    Have such "circumstances reversed" happened recently? Did not the judge admit it was a huge mistake? Didn't CNN and Fox cover this?
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    I would expect consistency too: When you screw up, admit it instead of passing the buck.
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    Uh, maybe I'm missing it, but what's the problem?
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    He did something for what he thought were the right reasons, but when told he'd made a mistake came out and acknowledged his error. If only more people in public life would be willing to admit their own failings the world would be in a far better shape.
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    I was curious about how you framed the story and went and read it. How you could be indignant about this kind of mistake. If the situation were "changed", and all the defendants were white and Irish and the judge, also white and Irish ordered the black lawyers out of the room, and gave the boys a lecture on how they were squandering a legacy of sacrifice and wasting their lives... I think it would be the exact same mistake. --But, I can't say I haven't seem that sentiment and intention attempted before when judges see a depressing trend they want to personally lecture the defendants on. I've seen one of those TV judges drag boys into her chambers for a private lecture or two, but sometimes that's not a practical consideration.

    ~ CB

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