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    Potentially NSFW

    Heard of this scumbag yet? If you are on social media, there's a good chance you've heard of him in the last week.

    This is a guy that works for some company called Real Social Dynamics, which is a company that provides coaching seminars on picking up women and dating. Unfortunately they picked up an enormous scumbag, and social media got him kicked out of Australia, he's been banned from putting on seminars in numerour US hotels, and up next will be Japan, where he is scheduled to hold seminars next weekend. He basically advocates sexual assault and violence to women, including choking them upon starting to talk to them. FWIW pushing the girls down to his crotch can land him ten years in prison in Japan under a forced indecency law.

    Here's a video of how vile this trash is:


    Have a read of how vile this trash is:


    Link to story:


    There are also varios petitions on change.org to get this trashball banned from basically everywhere, and they are gaining serious traction.
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    Guy sounds like that Tom Cruise character in Magnolia. Now that was an awesome movie except for the ridiculous ending.
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    Well.... Not to to reign entirely on the parade, I don't think his inuendo was funny, however the Pikachu thing was a joke caught up on by rad fems and they won and got him kicked out.

    For once I can agree with the end result, but I don't agree with the cause of radical feminism, particularly when they want to label anyone who has attended one of these seminars, or similar, as a perverted rapist.

    While I don't agree with this guy, on one level what the intention of these services is, is a valid cause. Helping people who have never learned in their early lives how to form healthy relationships with those of the opposite sex.

    On the other hand, it leads to weird ritualistic behaviour and to some guys who use these services and the skills they learn to sleep with as many women as they can.

    I suspect Julien Blanc fits in the last category and good riddance to him, don't let the door hit your arse on the way out.

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