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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by kuyu, Nov 11, 2003.

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    Sep 16, 2003
    Apple has the low end emac and the higher end imac. They have an ibook and powerbook. Jobs is quirky enough to keep with the product dichotomy. Apple also has an ipod, why not a powerpod. Think color screen, video playback, radio, tv tuner, 1" HD, and video in's and out's (proprietary, of course). Why not do it. Tivo is immensly popular, why not make it portable. Plus, they could take a huge share of the DVD burning market (it's portable). The ipod could just do songs, the powerpod songs and video.

    The second new mac product needed to 'complete the square' is an iTower. Build an upgradeable tower that uses 130 nm G5's and make the powermac tower use 90 nm G5's. We know they've got them already running a 1.5 ghz FSB. The tower would be perfect for PC minded individuals and those without all the money needed up front for a supermac.

    Then all powermac's could run dual 90 nm G5's and iTowers could be mostly singles G5's with the ability to upgrade to doubles at a later date.

    For most of my PC friends, the inability to upgrade any new mac except a powermac is a huge detractor.

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    Hey, the iTower concept plays right into the current revived Cube rumors. No, it's not really upgradable, so it's not quite what you've got in mind, but it could be a low-end, monitor-not-included, semi-pro Mac--just the thing to complete the pattern.

    I'm not sure it'll happen, but it seems reasonable and I think it'd be pretty cool if it did. Maybe use a 1.6Ghz (or even a little slower) G5 once the speeds on the towers bump up a notch.

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