Just bought the new MBP today, but I don't know what to do now! Imperfect machine!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by enochpeng, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. enochpeng macrumors regular

    Jan 22, 2008
    Ok. I ran down to my campus computer store today and bought a base model MacBook Pro. Then, I returned home with lots of excitement. But after I opened up the laptop, all my excitement disappear shortly after I found 4 imperfections on the new MBP.
    1.there is a dent on the edge of the front end (see pictures please). I'm so so disappointed and continued setting up the machine.

    2.After all the noisy installation from an external hard drive. I realized that the fan is making a unpleasant noise which can only be heard in a quite environment. (I assume they have no way to hear it in store)

    3.The speakers' wholes look very strange and looks like it's been used and covered with dust. -see in pictures

    4.!!just found another problem the F6-F12 keys are not aligned well.....and it's very obvious !...i

    So I'm wondering what are my options. Is it possible to get a exchange or refund at the store or through Apple support?

    Please help... I'm so screwed and don't know what to do now....

    Thanks for any input

    UPDATE 1

    Ok... here is the update.

    I took it back as soon as I finish my classes today, and REFUSED to give me an exchange and just took down some notes about the problems and told me to wait for their calls.

    I thought that's BS....but I had no choice but leave. I guess now I just have to wait for their answer tomorrow.

    This is becoming even more frustrating... They said they can only do an exchange if the machine doesn't boot up, otherwise it has to be done through warranty or Applecare. I think that's non-sense ... but what can I do...

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  2. Rivix macrumors 6502a


    Oct 13, 2005
    Don't worry about tiny dents or if the screen looks weird. If the key are all there, the LED is crisp and without stuck pixels then be happy. Most people cant even afford a laptop let alone a MacBook Pro.
  3. 7even macrumors 6502a

    Jan 11, 2008
    The speaker vents look like that on all of them, it's even been noted in one of the official reviews (might have been notebookcheck.net's). The tiny dent is fine, my last Sony had a similar tiny dent on the edge of the touchpad. Not sure about the fan, mine's sooo quiet. Can barely tell the machine is on.
  4. esphil macrumors member

    Oct 19, 2008
    Take it to apple and ask for a new one, and let them know you got it that way, if that is the case, and you didn't actually make them.
  5. enochpeng thread starter macrumors regular

    Jan 22, 2008
    The worry is now, since there is no Apple store in BC Canada, the only one I will be able to contact is the campus computer store I bought the machine from. What happens if they refused to give me a new one. Can I still contact Apple? or should I contact Apple first before I visit the store?

    Of course Im not being dishonest here. I didn't make the dent for sure....

    It actually hearts a little bit when you place your wrist there while typing this now..
  6. avalys macrumors 6502

    Jun 4, 2004
    That is how the speaker grilles look. Mine look like they have a little aluminum dust in them as well.

    Apple will certainly exchange it if you point out the dent. Just bring it in as soon as you can - if you wait two weeks, until the very end of the return period, they might not believe that it came out of the box like that.

    The fan noise is abnormal too - mine is whisper-quiet - but I wouldn't even bother mentioning that.
  7. SchneiderMan macrumors G3


    May 25, 2008
    my speakers look just like that, i think its just the way the new laser cuts it..
  8. Phrasikleia macrumors 601


    Feb 24, 2008
    Over there------->
    First try your campus store; if that fails, call Apple about it. They might make you mail it in.
  9. enochpeng thread starter macrumors regular

    Jan 22, 2008
    thanks for the tip

    but I'm very sensitive to noise and it's one of the main reason that I'm using a Mac now...
  10. Lartymarf macrumors regular

    Aug 11, 2007
    Get it returned asap. I would not accept a laptop like that. But, that's just me.

    Btw, from the pix, looks like your function keys are crooked as others have reported as well. WOOT WOOT!
  11. ghettochild macrumors regular

    Jun 12, 2007
    Bay Area, CA
    Well, your MBP fans will come on, no matter what. The question is, how loud are they? What's the RPM under normal usage?
  12. TheHoff macrumors 6502

    Oct 22, 2008
  13. sukanas macrumors 6502a


    Nov 15, 2007
    i used the aerosol can and it helped a little bit

    ....i think
  14. MikeBrWade macrumors member

    Oct 21, 2008
    Honestly with some of the issues out there "dust, dead/stuck pixels, key alignment" yours seems minor.

    If you really feel like you need to bring it in and have them look at it. That nick is so small I am not sure I could see it in person, and the speakers are normal I have read of people blowing them out with compressed air.
  15. Phrasikleia macrumors 601


    Feb 24, 2008
    Over there------->
    You'd think that much could be done before assembly. That's some slapdash manufacturing.
  16. Jeff Barlow macrumors regular

    Apr 27, 2005
    United States
    If you're going to pay almost 3K for a laptop, you should be happy with it. Visible dents and dings out of the box are NOT acceptable.

    I'm taking mine back to the store on Saturday to talk it over with a genius. Hopefully they can special order another CTO model and swap the hard drive from the one I have. The dents I can ignore, but the crooked keys are driving me batty.
  17. enochpeng thread starter macrumors regular

    Jan 22, 2008
    I'm very very frustrated now since I found out that not only the Function keys are not aligned well, but many of the letters . I guess we can tell from the pictures of the O key P key and all the others around that area
  18. dingus macrumors member

    Mar 4, 2008
  19. fleshman03 macrumors 68000


    May 27, 2008
    Sioux City, IA
    You're kidding right? I'm as liberal as the rest of them, but please don't use that argument.

    Yes, some people can't afford a laptop. Does that mean he should accept one that is not up to his standards? If there are dents and such, it needs to go back.

    Bring it to the store. You can swap it out for a different one. You should even be able to open the box and look at it before you leave the store.
  20. enochpeng thread starter macrumors regular

    Jan 22, 2008
    i really hope they can give me a new one tomorrow...and also hope they have one in stock... im praying ..
  21. rcky macrumors newbie

    Mar 2, 2008
  22. enochpeng thread starter macrumors regular

    Jan 22, 2008
    Ya I'm uploading it as now you should be able to see it in 2 mins
  23. enochpeng thread starter macrumors regular

    Jan 22, 2008
    More pictures

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  24. iBunny macrumors 65816

    Apr 15, 2004
    I have the same problem with my Fan, its sorta a clicking noise, kinda... I dunno defiantly not right tho, I am taking mine to get fixed this weekend.
  25. UltraNEO* macrumors 601


    Jun 16, 2007
    If you brought it from the AppleStore (brick and mortar version) you can return it, you have 14 days to exchange due to unsatisfactory, imperfections (excludes dead pixels), refund etc... If you seek a refund, depending on which country your in, they might charge 10% restocking fee cause it's been opened.

    Personally, if i was you, i'd goto the store where you brought it from and complain, chances are they will just swap it out for you cause you brought it new. The longer you wait, the harder it'll be!

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