Just did a scan of my phone’s wifi connecting and wow.

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    If anyone could help breaking down what some of this is I would be super grateful.

    IP Address:
    MAC Address:
    Hostname: iphone
    State: Online
    First seen: 12 July 2018 at 8:46:12 PM
    Last Update: 22 August 2018 at 12:03:04 AM
    Type: MOBILE

    Active services: 210
    4672/rfa remote file access server
    4827/squid-htcp Squid proxy HTCP port
    4899/radmin Radmin (www.radmin.com) remote PC control software
    5000/upnp also complex-main
    5002/rfe Radio Free Ethernet
    5003/filemaker Filemaker Server - http://www.filemaker.com/ti/104289.html
    5009/airport-admin Apple AirPort WAP Administration
    5050/mmcc multimedia conference control tool
    5060/sip Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
    5100/admd (chili!soft asp admin port) or Yahoo pager
    5101/admdog (chili!soft asp)
    5102/admeng (chili!soft asp)
    5190/aol America-Online. Also can be used by ICQ
    5191/aol-1 AmericaOnline1
    5192/aol-2 AmericaOnline2
    5193/aol-3 AmericaOnline3
    5232/sgi-dgl SGI Distributed Graphics
    5300/hacl-hb HA cluster heartbeat
    5301/hacl-gs HA cluster general services
    5302/hacl-cfg HA cluster configuration
    5303/hacl-probe HA cluster probing
    5353/zeroconf Mac OS X Bonjour/Zeroconf port
    5400/pcduo-old RemCon PC-Duo - old port
    5405/pcduo RemCon PC-Duo - new port
    5428/omid OpenMosix Info Dissemination
    5432/postgresql PostgreSQL database server
    5490/connect-proxy Many HTTP CONNECT proxies
    5500/securid SecurID
    5510/secureidprop ACE/Server services
    5520/sdlog ACE/Server services
    5530/sdserv ACE/Server services
    5540/sdxauthd ACE/Server services
    5550/sdadmind ACE/Server services
    5560/isqlplus Oracle web enabled SQL interface (version 10g+)
    5679/activesync Microsoft ActiveSync PDY synchronization
    5680/canna Canna (Japanese Input)
    5713/proshareaudio proshare conf audio
    5714/prosharevideo proshare conf video
    5715/prosharedata proshare conf data
    5716/prosharerequest proshare conf request
    5717/prosharenotify proshare conf notify
    5800/vnc-http Virtual Network Computer HTTP Access, display 0
    5801/vnc-http-1 Virtual Network Computer HTTP Access, display 1
    5802/vnc-http-2 Virtual Network Computer HTTP Access, display 2
    5803/vnc-http-3 Virtual Network Computer HTTP Access, display 3
    5900/vnc Virtual Network Computer display 0
    5901/vnc-1 Virtual Network Computer display 1
    5902/vnc-2 Virtual Network Computer display 2
    5903/vnc-3 Virtual Network Computer display 3
    5977/ncd-pref-tcp NCD preferences tcp port
    5978/ncd-diag-tcp NCD diagnostic tcp port
    5997/ncd-pref NCD preferences telnet port
    5998/ncd-diag NCD diagnostic telnet port
    5999/ncd-conf NCD configuration telnet port
    6000/X11 X Window server
    6001/X11:1 X Window server
    6002/X11:2 X Window server
    6003/X11:3 X Window server
    6004/X11:4 X Window server
    6005/X11:5 X Window server
    6006/X11:6 X Window server
    6007/X11:7 X Window server
    6008/X11:8 X Window server
    6009/X11:9 X Window server
    6017/xmail-ctrl XMail CTRL server
    6050/arcserve ARCserve agent
    6101/backupexec Backup Exec UNIX and 95/98/ME Aent
    6103/RETS-or-BackupExec Backup Exec Agent Accelerator and Remote Agent also sql server and cisco works blue
    6105/isdninfo isdninfo
    6106/isdninfo i4lmond
    6110/softcm HP SoftBench CM
    6111/spc HP SoftBench Sub-Process Control
    6112/dtspc CDE subprocess control
    6141/meta-corp Meta Corporation License Manager
    6142/aspentec-lm Aspen Technology License Manager
    6143/watershed-lm Watershed License Manager
    6144/statsci1-lm StatSci License Manager - 1
    6145/statsci2-lm StatSci License Manager - 2
    6146/lonewolf-lm Lone Wolf Systems License Manager
    6147/montage-lm Montage License Manager
    6148/ricardo-lm Ricardo North America License Manager
    6222/radmind Radmind protocol
    6346/gnutella Gnutella file sharing protocol
    6347/gnutella2 Gnutella2 file sharing protocol
    6400/crystalreports Seagate Crystal Reports
    6401/crystalenterprise Seagate Crystal Enterprise
    6502/netop-rc NetOp Remote Control (by Danware Data A/S)
    6588/analogx AnalogX HTTP proxy port
    6662/radmind Radmind protocol (deprecated)
    6665/irc Internet Relay Chat
    6666/irc internet relay chat server
    6667/irc Internet Relay Chat
    6668/irc Internet Relay Chat
    6669/irc Internet Relay Chat
    6670/irc Internet Relay Chat
    6699/napster Napster File (MP3) sharing software
    6700/carracho Carracho file sharing
    6701/carracho Carracho file sharing
    6881/bittorrent-tracker BitTorrent tracker
    7000/afs3-fileserver file server itself, msdos
    7001/afs3-callback callbacks to cache managers
    7002/afs3-prserver users & groups database
    7003/afs3-vlserver volume location database
    7004/afs3-kaserver AFS/Kerberos authentication service
    7005/afs3-volser volume managment server
    7006/afs3-errors error interpretation service
    7007/afs3-bos basic overseer process
    7008/afs3-update server-to-server updater
    7009/afs3-rmtsys remote cache manager service
    7010/ups-onlinet onlinet uninterruptable power supplies
    7100/font-service X Font Service
    7200/fodms FODMS FLIP
    7273/openmanage Dell OpenManage
    7326/icb Internet Citizen's Band
    7464/pythonds Python Documentation Server
    7597/qaz Quaz trojan worm
    7634/hddtemp A cross-platform hard disk temperature monitoring daemon
    7648/cucme-1 cucme live video/audio server
    7649/cucme-2 cucme live video/audio server
    7650/cucme-3 cucme live video/audio server
    7651/cucme-4 cucme live video/audio server
    7937/nsrexecd Legato NetWorker
    7938/lgtomapper Legato portmapper
    8076/slnp SLNP (Simple Library Network Protocol) by Sisis Informationssysteme GmbH
    8080/http-proxy Common HTTP proxy/second web server port
    8081/blackice-icecap ICECap user console
    8082/blackice-alerts BlackIce Alerts sent to this port
    8123/polipo Polipo open source web proxy cache
    8443/https-alt Common alternative https port
    8770/apple-iphoto Apple iPhoto sharing
    8888/sun-answerbook Sun Answerbook HTTP server. Or gnump3d streaming music server
    9051/tor-control Tor ControlPort, www.torproject.org
    9090/zeus-admin Zeus admin server
    9101/jetdirect HP JetDirect card
    9106/jetdirect HP JetDirect card
    9107/jetdirect HP JetDirect card
    9876/sd Session Director
    9992/issc ISS System Scanner Console
    10080/amanda Amanda Backup Util
    10082/amandaidx Amanda indexing
    10083/amidxtape Amanda tape indexing
    13714/netbackup tsdd server
    13715/netbackup tshd server
    13718/netbackup lmfcd server
    13720/netbackup bprd server
    13721/netbackup bpdbm server
    13722/netbackup bpjava-msvc client
    13782/netbackup bpcd client
    13783/netbackup vopied client
    16080/osxwebadmin Apple OS X WebAdmin
    18000/biimenu Beckman Instruments, Inc.
    18181/opsec-cvp Check Point OPSEC
    18183/opsec-sam Check Point OPSEC
    18184/opsec-lea Check Point OPSEC
    18187/opsec-ela Check Point OPSEC
    19150/gkrellm GKrellM remote system activity meter daemon
    20005/btx xcept4 (Interacts with German Telekom's CEPT videotext service)
    20031/bakbonenetvault BakBone NetVault primary communications port
    22273/wnn6 Wnn6 (Japanese input)
    22370/hpnpd Hewlett-Packard Network Printer daemon
    26000/quake Quake game server
    27002/flexlm2 FlexLM license manager additional ports
    27003/flexlm3 FlexLM license manager additional ports
    27005/flexlm5 FlexLM license manager additional ports
    27374/subseven Subseven Windows trojan
    27444/Trinoo_Bcast Trinoo distributed attack tool Master
    27500/quakeworld Quake world
    27665/Trinoo_Master Trinoo distributed attack tool Master server control port
    28910/heretic2 Heretic 2 game server
    31335/Trinoo_Register Trinoo distributed attack tool Bcast Daemon registration port
    32770/sometimes-rpc3 Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box
    32771/sometimes-rpc5 Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box (rusersd)
    32772/sometimes-rpc7 Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box (status)
    32774/sometimes-rpc11 Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box (rusersd)
    32777/sometimes-rpc17 Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box (walld)
    32778/sometimes-rpc19 Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box (rstatd)
    32779/sometimes-rpc21 Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box
    32780/sometimes-rpc23 Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box
    44442/coldfusion-auth ColdFusion Advanced Security/Siteminder Authentication Port (by Allaire/Netegrity)
    45000/ciscopop Cisco Postoffice Protocol for Cisco Secure IDS
    47557/dbbrowse Databeam Corporation
    49400/compaqdiag Compaq Web-based management
    50000/iiimsf Internet/Intranet Input Method Server Framework
    50002/iiimsf Internet/Intranet Input Method Server Framework
    54320/bo2k Back Orifice 2K Default Port
    54321/bo2k Back Orifice 2K Default Port
    62078/iphone-sync Apparently used by iPhone while syncing - http://code.google.com/p/iphone-elite/source/browse/wiki/Port_62078.wiki
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