Just got an out of warranty replacement but have speaker problem

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    Ok so I dropped by iPhone in the toilet Wednesday. I went to Apple and paid the 199. Last night, my speaker started making funny sounds out of no where; it was a static like sound. I could not get the speaker to work for the next few minutes, but then it started working fine. I was listening to my earphones today and the music went haywire, but then it went back. Now the speaker is again not working. If I go to Apple tomorrow, do you think they'll give mr another one free of charge? Also, my USB cable is broken...since i have to return a phone I just paid 200 bucks for two days ago, do you think I could finagle a new cable out of this? Thanks.
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    you can probably get a replacement since you already got a repair
  3. gnychis macrumors 6502

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    anything apple replaces comes with a 90 day warranty. I had a screen replaced on an ipad touch before the warranty expired, then it expired 2 days later, then the screen broke a week after that, but they replaced it again telling me that anything they replace comes with a 90 day warranty independent of apple care

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