Just got my fully subsidized iPhone 5 unlocked via AT&T chat!


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Sep 25, 2012
Berkeley, CA
Got my 4S unlocked 2 weeks ago via the online form even though I was halfway through my contract. Submitted the same request with the same form for my iPhone 5, got a response saying I needed to call or contact AT&T via chat to request the unlock

Got onto chat with their service department and was told that I couldn't get my device unlocked because it wasn't out of contract. Replied saying that my previous phone was not out of contract and that it was unlocked without any hassle. After some back and forth, and mentioning that Verizon phones are unlocked for GSM from the start, that I am traveling abroad next week, and that "perhaps I should switch to Verizon", I was asked for my SIM and IMEI numbers, told to restore my phone via iTunes, and WALLA!!! 64GB AT&T unlocked iPhone 5 for $399+tax!!!
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