Just Got Verizon FIOS. Macbook 2.4 wont stay connected

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by nbg127, May 14, 2009.

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    May 14, 2009
    I have searched the threads and found some helpful info but this is driving me nuts. We have 6 computers (2 PC desktops, 3 MacBooks, 1 PC Laptop). All connect to the Verizon router automatically and stay connected except one that WONT stay connected to the "favorite" network. It seems to happen when my college bound daughter takes her MacBook to her bedroom. She loses connection and another network pops up in front of ours with a message stating that "none of your favorite networks are available, do you want to join another?" and there is our network and the neighbors listed. She has traveled all over the place with this Macbook and never had a problem holding a connection (it is not yet a year old). We deleted all the other "favorite" networks and this helped but still not a total fix. I have checked everything else including the box that asks to join networks is checked and the box to remember any network this computer has joined (ours is the only one listed). Selected "configure automatically" and it is on DHCP.
    Any suggestions for keeping a connection?
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    try changing the channel that your wireless network broadcasts on.

    use netstumbler on one of your windows machines in her room to see what channels the other networks are using and make sure that the one you choose isnt one of them.

    Edit: 500th post. hope it is a helpful one :)

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