Just watched the 1st Apple Keynote introducing iPhone, WOW has the market changed....

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DougFNJ, Jun 17, 2011.

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    As I said in the title, I was watching the very first iPhone Keynote presentation the other day just to enjoy how far it has come. Interestingly, Steve Jobs had said they were reaching for 1% Marketshare in the Mobile Phone Market, and would be happy getting there.

    4 years later and the #1 Smartphone company, RIM is bleeding. I read somewhere that next year in the 1st quarter when RIM releases their first QNX phone, it would make them a tasty looking aquisition. Wow, how the market changes.

    HP released the Pre 2 and the Veer, Pre 3 is on it's way, and they are finally releasing their tablet, I personally haven't seen one person talk about WebOS, not one person I know use one yet....too little too late maybe? Looks like HP is repeating the same mistakes Palm did when the first Pre arrived? I would call them currently irrelevant at this point.

    That leaves Android, which makes me think we have Mac vs Windows Part 2 iPhone vs Android.

    Just like Mac from years ago, minimal choices, but the choices like back then are superior to what iPhone competitors offer. I think Apple is smarter this time around working to keep up with, and bypass Android with the service offerings.

    Android like Windows gives more devices to choose from, more form factors, more manufacturers, extremely regular updates and upgrades, and a more open OS. They were able to squeak by Apple dues to the fact that there is a form factor, speed, style, flavor for anyone interested.

    So I was curious what the community thinks, is this Mac vs PC all over again? Is there a possibility Android could cruise past Apple with the right update or service? General thoughts, discussion?
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    i think it's unavoidable. Apple will remain a major player, but not the major player
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    Anyone thinking will keep their dominance has lost it. Like Don't Panic said, they will remain a major player, just not the big one.

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