Justice Department urges Supreme Court to overturn NYC gun law Law regulates where licensed owners c

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    United states.................. where no matter what SCOTUS rules politicians from either side will interpret things and push them as they see fit..
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    I'm a proponent of common sense gun safety laws and accountability for irresponsible owners. But NYC's gun laws are crazy (some NYS laws as well). Its overreach needs to be reigned in. Let's hope sanity prevails once the Supremes overturns this nonsense.
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    Oct 27, 2009

    As a gun owner in NY, I couldn't agree more.
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    You can have a gun in NYC, but you must incase it in cement in a 55 gallon drum, then sink it in the harbor.

    When you need it, first you have to get a permit to have divers retrieve it, then another permit to have construction workers jackhammer it out of the cement.

    All this must be done by local union workers, no permits for weekends or holidays.


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