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    May 9, 2001
    I am just amazed of so many things about this tragedy.

    I am surprice that the National Guard was not prepared to take over the city after the hurricane passed, they had 3 entire days to prepare themselves after the same hurricane passed here in Miami.

    Now, I have experience with this kind of tragedy because we had one in Venezuela even bigger than this one on Chritmas Eve of 2000 with 50 thousand death.

    Now, the National Guard will have to start shoting the people because New Orleans is a war zone, any rescue team with experience know that. In cases like this people will look for food and the criminals will take advantage of that.

    I mean, is the same pattern in every singles situation in every single country.

    This situation is going to start very uglie and the military will have to use the force at will just as they are doing in Irka but in the US and against their same citizen. The same thing happened in Venezuela and the political situation was so problematic, imagine here in the US!!!! but that will be the only way to regain the control.

    Just imagine... once a family run out of food... what do you think the father of that family is going to do? he will go outside and get it no matter how.

    The national guard just have 5.000 people for a city of more of a million.

    This is going to turn nasty and Bush will have to move pretty quick because the political desitions are going to be very rude: To send the army to kill american citizens if some one gives trouble.

    Back home the policemen helped the people to brake in the supermarkets IF they needed the food, that is a smart thing to do, but if they carry a plasma tv they get shot.

    I still so upset about the National Guard being so slow before the hurricane hit, they just didn't care.

    And now there is a woman saying compalining her meal was cold, welcome to the real world.

    Actually, to share you a story: After we had the flood in Venezuela everything was chaos. One man came to the military telling them his wife was being raped with an armed man. The police went to the place, took a look and waited for the armed man outside, the the raper came out the police killed him and no question ask, they kept going.

    Another man was cought with a huge bag full of jewery... take from the bodys of the victims of the flood.

    Then, forget about a zoo or any other animal in the street, they will be eaten soon.

    It is very shocking and the problem is that the media and the naive audience is going to see all that, but that is the only way things will happen in that scenario.

    The, to relocate all that people! what Chavez did was to take everybody to the military base and when the military or the people were tired he just moved everybody to another military base, Chavez never gave them money or a place to live.

    Then, many kids got stolent and that si the drama you will see next. Many kids will be sold any where else.

    It is going to take a long time for everything to settle, at list 6 months, no less.
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    May 26, 2004
    Randy's House
    My sister is temporarily moving her business to Richmond.

    She left her house three days before the hurricane to be with my mom, so she has nothing with her, and she isn't allowed to get it.

    The whole thing really sucks.
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    May 2, 2005
    The performing and visual arts high school is, of course, destroyed in New Orleans.

    Two of the students from there have transferred to HSPVA. (The new orleans one is the sister-school to my HSPVA)

    One is spending his senior year here, and plays the horn; the other is a sophomore dancer.

    The horn player is really nice and REALLY GOOD. He sat in and read through the Beethoven and Mendelssohn we're doing.. I heard NO CRACKED notes for all of rehearsal. It was nuts.. I didn't even hear any out of tune horn-ness! He's awesome!
    But, leaving all your friends senior year? He's completely new to both HSPVA and Houston. If that happened to me, I'd be flipping out...

    we're probably gonna get some more Louisianans in the coming days-- About 50k people are staying in the Astrodome... Some will be moving to Dallas.
    I was driving home with my mom, and we passed a chartered bus that was driving refugees to the Astrodome. I'm pretty sure the company did it from free, but I'm not sure.

    It's good that we are coming together for the common good, but horrible that this situation is the impetus for it.
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    May 9, 2001
    About the tragedy... if I was there I just would think, what I woudl do if I knew a bus won't be coming to rescue me? So far what I see in the news is people waiting for some one to rescue them, of course, I am not there to see the options I have but I just saw a dead lady in a weel chair, why no one gave him a last prayer at list??? is just common sense. Instead she was left on a side of the building and some other body was just beside her.

    All I see are many people sitting down doing nothing waiting for some one else to do something for them.

    Again, I am not there, I am here in my apartment but I have been under those situation and is a time to get creative, to find leader between the people, to planify things and use the resources they have availables that are actually many still.

    To be honest, what I see there in many aspecst is a complain I have from this culture. Everything have been so atomatized that people do not need from each other any more. The US culture is created for you to go to your place, seat on your coutch and watch tv. There is such lack of social contact. That is why in a way people call the latin americans "warmth people" because we do not have the technoly to resolve the life for us and we relay on each other.

    Now I see people waiting for the technology, probably they are waiting for AAA or Geico. Is like in NY that actually became a warmer place after the towers fell. I may be writting BS probably beacus I am upset at the entire situation. The last thing I was especting was moving to this contry and find a situation that in my 3rd world country was resolved more efficiently... in a way because our politicians stold all the money teh other government sent us. But the people helped each other big time, hundreds of civilians elicopters were rescuin people, even the owners of the mayor banck and corporations went personally to rescue people and I haven;t seen the firs civilian elicopter doing anything here in the US. I can not believe this. The oil company does not want to reduce the price of the gas at all.

    Well, this kind of things happens as well under this scenarios, you will see the best and the worst of everybody.

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