Kazaa for mac?


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Oct 25, 2002
I while ago I found a kazaa client for linux, and in the readme they said they were also making it for osx. Does anyone know anything about this?

# kza README file.
# Copyright 2000-2001 KaZaA BV. All rights reserved.
# 10/09/2001

Welcome to KaZaA Media Shell (kza)!

1 - Supported Platforms
2 - Running kza
a - Startup
b - Searching
c - Downloading
d - Uploading
3 - To do
4 - Known Bugs
5 - Note about "Spyware" and Advertisements
6 - Note about content
7 - Note about license

1 - Supported Platforms:

So far we have kza for Linux.
We will also be releasing it for:
- BSDs
- Mac OS X
- BeOS
- Solaris

If you would like to see kza for a particular UN*X, let us know and
we'll do our best to make it available.

2 - Running kza:

To launch kza, simply type './kza' :)

a - Startup:

On first run, you will be presented with a license agreement that you
should read. (yes, it's long, but it will only be shown to you once).
Next, you will be prompted for an existing username/password pair. If
you don't have one already, you can create a new one by typing 'new'.
WARNING: this version of kza (0.4) does not tell you if your
login/registration was successful. You will simply be disconnected if
the registration/login fails. At which point you will have to quit
kza and start over (proper login handling will be added soon). So if
you're registering a new user, use a crazy and long username! The
username/password will be saved and reused automatically next time you
run kza. Note: for security reasons, the password is not stored in
the clear -- the hash is. Note: if you want to login as a different
user, or if you forget your password and want to create a new account,
delete the file: '~/.kza/.kzasetup'

b - Searching:

Once you're logged in and connected, you can start searching for
files. The words you type at the prompt will all be in the search
results. You can tab to choose the file type {Everything, Audio,
Video, Images, Documents, Software}. Hit enter, and watch the results
come in. Note: this version of kza (0.4) waits to get all of the
results before displaying them to you. Future versions will display
the results as they come in. So for now you have to be a bit patient
as you wait for the results :)

c - Downloading:

The results are in. You can scroll over the results, and hit return
to start downloading one of the items. A '>' is displayed next to all
currently downloading items. To page down and up, hit space and '-'.
You may download as many items as you want, although only three of
them will download concurrently. The others will be queued. Note:
you will be able to configure this limit of three in future versions.
Type '>' to see the downloads in progress. Currently, you do not have
the ability to pause/cancel downloads, but you will in the near
future. Files will be downloaded from as many simultaneous sources as
possible (which is what the (+) field is for in the search window --
the number of sources). You may return to the search screen at any
time by hitting '<'. The files will be saved in the 'kza-downloads'
directory in your home directory (which will be configurable later
as well).

d - Uploading:

Currently, there is no way to see what uploads are underway. All of
the files in the downloads directory are shared. And there currently
exist no way to choose what directories you wish to share -- only the
downloads directory is shared. All of these limitations will be
addressed in future versions of kza (are we repeating ourselves
already? :)

3 - Todo:

As mentioned above, we still have many features we need to add to
kza. Here is a list (feel free to send us more things you want to

- Be able to see what uploads are in progress
- Pause/stop/resume individual uploads
- Pause/stop/resume individual downloads
- Have the option of detaching kza from the terminal and
letting it run in the background (if the user wants a shell,
or wants to leave kza running for a long time)
- Enable user configuration
- Handle failed logins and failed new user registration
- Perform searches asynchronously (don't wait for all the results
to come back before giving cli control)
- Display results as they come in

4 - Bugs:

kza 0.4 has some issues that we are going to handle. If you find some
more, and can find a way to reproduce it reliably, please let us know.
We are committed to producing robust code!

- If you switch screens ('>') too fast, kza sometimes hangs.

When kza hangs, simply ^C. Any downloads will be resumed when kza is

5 - Note about Spyware and Advertisements:

There are none!

6 - Note about content:

kza is using the vast peer-to-peer network of KaZaA. Content on this
network is shared by other fellow KaZaA members and members of
interconnected networks. You should follow local and international
copyright laws when sharing and downloading files.

7 - Note about license:

By using kza you accept the terns of service which are displayed to you
the first time you run the program.

Enjoy the Experience

-The KaZaA Team


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Apr 2, 2002
Hong Kong
Re: Kazaa for mac?

Originally posted by mads
I while ago I found a kazaa client for linux, and in the readme they said they were also making it for osx. Does anyone know anything about this?

im installing redhat over my old bsd install this afternoon.. ill try it out and see what its like...



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Mar 12, 2002
BrisVegas, Australia
looks good, but it looks like it doesn't have all the features...

Everyone knows about Acquisition, right? it's an awesome app that uses the Gnutella and Morpheus networks.:D


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Jan 15, 2002
Morpheus is gnuttella now. kazaa and grokster are the only ones out there based on the fastrack protocol. Unfortunately they are far behind in development for anything other then windows. The closest there is for the mac is Neo. And that has to scan ip ranges to find clients. They just added the master server feature which now makes it work basicly in the same was Napster used to.


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Jul 28, 2002

Does this mean that mac amazon associate purchases will be hijacked as well?


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Jan 15, 2002
The new iswipe's fastrack portion is more or less the same as Neo. you still have to scan. and to my knowledge iswipe doesn't have a central server like neo does


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Oct 24, 2002
how does this scanning work? Is it normal for computers to be scanned to see what they are running? It feels weird scanning random IPs to find one running fasttrack. Is it legal?


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Jul 15, 2002
as i have said before, KaZaa is opensource, so why doesnt some person port it? It couldnt be that hard, could it?


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Jan 2, 2002
Mexico City
actually, that´s from the time where kazaa was property of another company, they were going to do a full port for linux but when they sold the software, the new owners cancelled the project.

Spike Spiegel

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Jan 27, 2002
does anyone know of any good file sharing programs that arent iswipe or acquisition(both of which work absolutley horribly if at all, finding nothing at all, and moving at an a$%-slow pace)?(i wish audiogalaxy was still here...:( :( )