Apple TV Keep hope alive, Confirmed: Apple TV 3 jailbreak is in the works

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by Che Castro, Aug 13, 2012.

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    Confirmed: Apple TV 3 jailbreak is in the works
    by TOMEK on AUGUST 13, 2012

    Remember last week when pod2g tweeted that neither he nor anyone he knows of was working on the Apple TV 3 jailbreak? We asked you to cool down and to never lose a hope since we knew there were people working on this. The confirmation that the work is ongoing on this particular jailbreak came from 9to5Mac, as they have learned that „a jailbreak for the third-generation Apple TV is indeed in the works from someone with close knowledge of the project“:

    There are just a handful people working on the jailbreak, and while it’s not yet complete, at least one method to jailbreaking is currently being chased in hopes of big results.

    Additinally, they got a comment from FireCore’s James Abeler who confirmed the news:

    There is a group of very bright and talented individuals working on a lead that could result in a usable jailbreak for the 3rd gen Apple TV. While there is no telling how long this process could take, we remain optimistic that a jailbreak for this device will be available in the future. For the record, no one at FireCore is involved in the jailbreak discovery process.

    Abeler also said that FireCore is already working on Seas0nPass and aTV Flash for the Apple TV 3 and they will be ready to release it when the jailbreak is out.
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    Glad I just sold my 3 ATV2s on eBay for about $160 each and just upgraded to ATV3s! If this is true, the 2's will drop like rocks in value. Glad I saw the thread on here about the inflated values of the 2's!
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    This. I am glad I unloaded mine while the resale was ridiculous. I paid for my ATV3 and a case of beer with my ATV2 sale. :)
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    its nothing we didnt already know they posted this like a month ago
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    It just needs to be delivered already :(. The prices of the atv2 are just killing me...-_-

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