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Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by thermodynamic, Aug 13, 2016.

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    Isn't it weird how one country makes a new weapon but then another country wants it so, regardless of means, they get the materials on how to build it and then build their own?

    Or companies that look at others' products and reverse-engineer them?

    Oh, you thought I was going to discuss the trite discussion of two neighbors deciding they need the bigger television set, was that it? Weird how the same parallels keep reoccurring in multiple levels.
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    Maybe the wanting is natural enough, but the “regardless of means” has brought a lot of misery on the planetary scale as well as around kitchen tables. So in a way that's definitely weird.

    We made a new version of democracy once upon a time. Seems like we could have afforded to entice other countries to crave to copy it. No, we have kept heading off to make damn well sure they see the recipe and sample it while it’s hot. Regardless of their, or our, means of ensuring they remember how to bake it at home.

    I’m not asserting there’s no such thing as a just war. Different thread...

    Where we went wrong was at least by time of the redoubtable President Monroe, who may never have intended some of the interpretations of “the Monroe Doctrine” that have ensued.

    It’s instructive though, that the seeds of our rationale for wandering off the continental reservation -- and to insist on other people’s non-intervention elsewhere-- emerged by time we had elected only our fifth President and had watched him skillfully flesh out the USA as an entity with a sovereign lock on central North America.

    Such a blind spot not to realize that “other people” might think our non-intervention could have been a good idea too. Hell we could have let the UK or Portugal overthrow the government of Chile and good luck to them too for all the trouble it bought us in the mid-70s. But no, those guys had sense enough to keep out of it.

    (on the matter of neighbors copying neighbors... if anyone around here gets an “Alien Green” car I will drop my Mary Had A Little Lamb getup and flash my Terminator costume)
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