KellyAnne Conway's latest Hypocrisy - Bob Corker

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    I am sure some will say "CNN - FAKE NEWS" or criticize Anderson Cooper. But no matter what you try and deflect to, this is a fact. To suggest that dissent or critical comments of the president undermines him MORE than Trump tweeting himself because other people are watching is ridiculous and absurd.

    Conway on FOX called Corker's tweet "incredibly irresponsible" because "world leaders [can] see that."

    In a segment called "Keeping Them Honest," Cooper pointed to Trump's own Twitter account and urged his audience to let Conway's comment "sink in for a moment."

    “Does she hold the president to the same criticism, concerned that world leaders are watching?" Cooper then asked. "Well, no, she doesn’t."
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    They need to stop having Beavis on TV.
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    Does anyone here even like Conway?

    Anyway - the compilation at the end felt lacking. I think CNN should have used most of the clips from post-Trump being inaugurated, and since most of the clips were from late 2016 - some from the campaign itself - it only shows that Conway* / people in the "president's orbit" supported Trump's tweeting before he became a sitting president (*Conway is only mentioned since she was mentioned by Cooper, obviously she's the exception being the hypocritical dumbass that she is). And I think it's fair to say that Trump's tweets were more out of control after inauguration versus before inauguration.
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    Well of course! we aren't supposed to take Trump's tweets seriously, otherwise WWIII would have already started.

    That's scary to say, let alone consider it to be truth. :eek::oops::(

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