Kensington Universal Car/Air Adapter

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    Kensington Universal AC/CAR/AIR Adaptor


    65-Watt Max output.
    100-230 VA ~ 2A 50/60 Hz input (This means it will work anywhere in the world with the appropriate sized electrical wall socket adaptor)

    70 W Max output
    11.75-26 VDC ~8A Max Input (CAR/AIR)

    The unit has a sleek stylish white design.


    Travel case.
    Contains all cables necessary with matching Velcro wraps.
    Two tips for PowerBooks and iBooks.


    The Good:
    When traveling I like to use my laptop I like to use my notebook on the plane. Kensington does sell a DC power adaptor for Apple, but I did not want to carry two different devices to power my PowerBook because my briefcase is small without a lot of spaces for cables. Also, when traveling a lot, the lighter the better. I found this adaptor at the Apple store, and it was perfect for me. Since it was 100~230 it would work in Europe with extra adaptors that I ready owned. This let me leave my brick at home, and not to carry around the brick and airplane/car adaptor. The unit works fine, and I have no problems with it.

    The Bad:
    After having this for awhile, I was thinking perhaps having the separate PowerBook Car adaptor from Kensington and the might have saved me more space in my briefcase, but not weight wise though. Also the Kensington kit is the same kit as the Targus kit, but with a different color. The Targus kit comes with PC and Apple adaptors. (I have seem a few the kits with the Apple adaptors) I will say it is a bit pricey, but it is comparable to the other types of adaptors with the same features on the market. The other reason I have some reservation about this is it a pain to take out of its case on the plane. It would probably be easier to pull out a small unit with less fuss.

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