Kerry's Speech on Iraq

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Sayhey, Sep 20, 2004.

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    Even if you don't have time to listen to any other political speeches for the rest of the campaign, make sure you take the time to listen to Kerry's speech on Iraq given at New York University. Here is only a portion of the speech:

    This is not a discussion of the conduct of these two men 30+ years ago, as fascinating as that topic is to us all. This is the centerpiece of what this election SHOULD be all about. Take the time and listen.
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    What's this? Kerry speaking about a war that happened *less* than 25 years ago? It's about damn-well time. Let's nail Bush for his present mistakes, not his past mistakes.
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    Feb 18, 2003
    I particularily enjoyed the Bush response (see my signature) to Kerry's speech.

    With that I retire both the usage and conception of "ironic" and "cynical".
    Any power they once possessed as concepts or as adjectives has long since been usurped by the ubiquity of their application in the last few years.
    They are worn out. I will miss them.

    "Inane", "ridiculous", "incompetent" and "scary" I will keep using for a while longer...

    Oh, the Kerry Speech was excellent. This is how I had hoped the Campaign would be framed - with talk about current issues. Unfortunately, however, it has not.

    With the CBS flap and continuing residual issues from SwiftBoats, I am afraid his message may get lost in that noise.

    It is a shame if it does. Agree with the man or not, I would have to say that most people would agree that the issues he spoke of: Iraq, Terrorism, Stewardship. These are important (current) issues for Americans, regardless of politics.

    You may not want Kerry to be your next President. Maybe you do. Either way, would you rather read/watch and debate about "what might have been" issues involving periods in the two candidate's lives decades removed, or the very real issues that surround us in an all-too-tangible way.

    I would prefer the latter. In fact, I think I deserve that much, as a citizen and taxpayer. What does it say when we know more about typography, Vietnam and Texas than about a war (or two) that we have hundreds-of-thousands of Americans participating in?

    When officially did ideology trump reality?
    I think it is rather pathetic. I apologize for any rant...

    BTW Here is a link to a NYT article discussing the Kerry Speech and Bush rebuttal(s):
    also see Krugman (in other thread)...

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