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Keyboard not fully working on specific machine

T'hain Esh Kelch

macrumors 603
Original poster
Aug 5, 2001
I have an Apple Keyboard with a wired Numeric Keypad (A1243) that is acting weird. When I connect it to my 2011 iMac (macOS 10.13), it works as it should. But when I connect it to my 2011 Mac Mini (macOS 10.13), only some of the keys are being registered, despite no difference in settings as far as I can see, between the two machines. It is setup to being a danish keyboard in the keyboard preferences, which is correct.

It doesn't register a press according to the keyboard window, when pressing the following:
F1, F2, F4, F7, F9, F14, F15 keys.
0 through 9 and , keys on the numeric keypad.
Command-shift-Tab is not registered when switching between apps. Command-Tab works fine though.

All other keys are being registered as normal. Any solutions as to why that is?

Also, is it normal that two of the keys are permanently coloured orange, in the keyboard window?
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