Keyloggers, what exactly are they, how do i know i have one and do macs never get ?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jkaz, Jan 23, 2008.

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    just was reading wow forums, a thread about a hijacked account, lots of talk about keyloggers.

    every once in a while, while i'm playing wow, i will get a random disconnect, i quickly log back in only to find that noone else in my group got disconnected.

    most of the time, out of fear of having been hacked, i change my password.

    all my computers are apple.

    it's been my understanding that apples either can't get a keylogger on them, or they simply just never get a keylogger.

    what are the facts? what are the real fears?

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    If by keylogger you mean virus that logs key presses... no, there are none of those. That's not to say Mac's are immune, but there's no current danger. There may be keylogger software available for Mac OS X, I don't know, but it would have to be specifically installed by someone with access to the Mac.

    Sounds to me like your disconnects are an issue with your router, modem, or ISP. Not an uncommon issue.

    Windows has really made people paranoid, hasn't it?
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    Because he wants to know if his wow account can get keylogged on a mac...
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    As far as I heard keyloggers for MACs really do not exist. There is a lot of software that protects from keyloggers, but I haven't ever heard about at least one for MAC. Anywhere if you are interested in keyloggers topic I recommend you to look at this site:

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