Kids have Xbox One but also want PS4 Slim...worth it?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by alanwaston, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. alanwaston, Jan 19, 2017
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    Dec 14, 2016
    We got the kids an Xbox One a year and a half ago and they've been pretty happy with it. But they traded in their Wii U and games and have a bunch of credit now at GameStop burning a hole in their pockets.

    After a visit to their cousins, they want to get a PS4 Slim as well (mainly for a few specific titles and possible the VR headset). GS has a bundle for $250 that includes Uncharted 4 and a $25 store gift card. Is this a worthwhile system to get? We also have an old PS3 so they'd have to sell or trade that as well if they want the PS4. Thanks!

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    What exactly is it that you want us to tell you? What games your kids want to play?
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    Aug 23, 2005

    There are some great PS4 exclusives that are kid age appropriate such as Ratchet & Clank, Little Big Planet, Knack (it's ok) and of course lots of more teen-adult exclusive games.

    However many of the more kid appropriate games are multi-platform titles like the Lego games & Lego Dimensions, Skylanders etc. Though in fairness if you go down the route of Lego Dimensions or Skylanders - by the time you have bought the add on packs and extra characters you are probably spending more than the $250 for the PS4 with uncharted.

    Really the end experience isn't going to be vastly different and only the exclusive titles are what separates it, oh and of course PS VR, which note is not suitable for children under 12 anyway. Likewise currently PSVR doesn't really offer anything long lasting (mostly small snap shot games) or game changing enough to justify the $349-399 extra for the headset and $50-60 per game. Indeed the single biggest game for first half of this year on it will be Resident Evil 7 and that has an 18 R rated certificate, and will be more terrifying in VR than playing regularly - so essentially utterly inappropriate for children, unless you want to spend more $ in counselling ;)

    As an adult gamer there is more than enough reason to justify owning both, as a purchase for a child/children and looking at age appropriate software, personally I think probably not.
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    Maybe not if you've already got an Xbox. It all depends on what games your kids want. The additional hardware features of a PS4 include PSVR, being able to stream games around the house on Windows, OSX, Ps Vita and PSTV consoles. I think that's it!
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    My wife and I are going through some issues with gaming in general with our young kids. Our oldest has gone through issues recently... where we wished we never expose them to gaming. The main issue is... we as parents... should have educated them more about the internet... and how to protect themselves/info... and be more responsible and respectful when online. For the most part, we control/schedule times through our router security. It's what happens behind closed doors during their scheduled times is where we failed in parenting. Now we keep their XBox One and PS4 in my office/music room. When they are playing, I'm usually in the room with them... or closely monitoring them. All the things they've done in the past, we used as teachable moments... and keep reminding them to be safe and respectful when online.

    Personally, I like having all the options on games. I usually play multiplat games on my PC in surround (3 monitors).


    I think it's a good have both consoles because of exclusive titles. There are games I wish I could play on my PC, but only exclusive to Xbox and Playstation consoles. Playing them on a bigger screen makes it worth it. If I want to play my PC games on the big screen, I can "Game Stream" with the device (NVidia Shield Console) sitting between the PS4 and XBox One.


    Nice thing about having the consoles in my Office/Music room, our kids tend to buy/play more appropriate titles for their age. Also, we can oversee and protect them easier... and teach them to be respectful while on the internet. XBox live and PS Plus changed things a lot... when it comes to protecting our kids. I prefer not to block them from the internet... but hopefully, now that we have both consoles in my office, we can educate them better.

    Sorry for going OT. When I seen the word "Kids" and consoles... it just reminded me of the issues we recently went through with our kids... mainly our oldest.
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    I think this is the way to go, 3 monitors rather than a VR headset hanging off my head - for now at least until they get the headset a whole lot lighter.

    I'm using a 32" 1080p TV as my desk monitor right now and that seems to hold me over until I can afford 3 separate ones.

    I just wish more PS4 VR exclusives and PC VR games would have 2D and ultrawide versions of them.

    AFA Kids - yeah, it is going to be a problem with parents not supervising their kids.

    I see parents at Gamestop buy GTA V for their 8-9 year olds and don't even care when the salesperson warns them... :eek:
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    Jan 27, 2017

    Umm... is your TV 4k? If it is.. go for ps4 pro instead, or better yet, wait till next year and then get them project scorpio (the newer, more powerful version of xbox one) because from what you said, they're likely to demand project scorpio too. if your tv doesn't support 4k however, you should still get ps4 pro instead of ps4 slim (there's a difference between the two) so at least the frame rates are solid and you can enjoy 4k somewhere in the future when you do get a 4k tv :)

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