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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by macbeliever, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Hey All,

    Would love some input. I have had an iPhone with ATT service since day 1. I have had all Mac computers for my business for 10 years and love the way that my iPhone synch's bla bla bla.

    However I get TERRIBLE service. So I'm ready to just ship to a flip phone from Verizon and an iPad with 3G.

    Here's my question; my wife and mother are both on my account with their iPhones and we share the plan. If I cancel my account where sued the pricing explode to?

    My plan has grandfathered unlimited data which is only good for my phone, but we pool all of our minutes and texts under unlimited.

    Thanks in advance,
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    You don't want to cancel your account but rather remove your phone from the plan. If you transfer your phone number from ATT to VZW, your account will remain with ATT with the other phones. I'm not sure how your unlimited data plan will be after that but at least you'll be on vzw and your other phones will remain on att
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    Unlimited data is grandfathered per line. If you move your line off to VZW, that unlimited data option goes away forever. You would first want to make your wife's phone the primary on the account, otherwise your number port from AT&T to VZW might be held up while AT&T figures out how NOT to term your entire account.

    That being said, I've thought before about switching from the iPhone to just a dumb phone and my iPad2 3G. There are a few draw backs that I see. Having all of my messaging consolidated (iMessage, SMS, MMS), seamless wireless sync of all contacts, and having to choose whether to go without data, or lug the iPad everywhere I go to name a few. Not to mention having to buy the additional chargers I would need for work and the car. To me, it isn't worth the hassle of having to carry both devices everywhere (yes, I need data wherever I go because of work).
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    You have a FamilyTalk plan with 3 lines. It sounds like your line is the primar "anchor" line and you just want to move to Verizon without impacting the other two lines. So you want to follow the advice above and not cancel your account. You just want to drop your line of service.

    You have a couple of options. You can just port your phone number to Verizon and this will end your line of service and it will also move one of your other lines to be the primary "anchor" line. However, the best choice is to call AT&T Customer Care and have one of your other phone lines switched to be the primary line on the account and moving your line to a secondary "add-a-line" on the FamilyTalk rate plan. Then you can make the switch to Verizon.

    Note: You might want to try out Verizon service since once you lose your Grandfathered Unlimited Data plan it would be very had to get back if you later chose to come back to AT&T

  5. takeshi74 macrumors 601

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    ^ This. Verify that your new carrier gives you the coverage you need before you port and so you can cancel without ETF if coverage doesn't meet your needs.

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