Konfabulator + other must haves?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by joeyjojoe, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. joeyjojoe macrumors regular

    Jun 20, 2003
    Los Angeles, CA
    So I just downloaded this program today. In short, it is just amazing, very cool concept implemented well.

    I'm thinking about trying to make a widget for top 5 programs downloading (similar to the top 5 cpu widget it comes with). Does anyone know how hard it is to design (mind you, I'm not much for programming, but I can figure stuff out)?

    Also are there any other MUST HAVE free programs out there? I'm very impressed with the quality of ideas in the mac community (regardless of how well they are executed).
  2. FattyMembrane macrumors 6502a


    Apr 14, 2002
    bat country
  3. ScottDodson macrumors 6502


    Jan 31, 2003
    I'm a fan of the VideoLan video player. It plays mpegs, divx, ts_video folders, vcd's, dvd's...the works. One big plus is that I can choose which screen it can go full screen on (running dualies). I'm not a Quicktime traitor...but this one can handle all my files...instead of using 2 apps. I bought an extra 160 Gig harddrive, and just ripped all my dvd's to it....created a dvd playlist in VideoLan..and boom...one click access to movies!!! Works out nicely running to my home theatre system ;)

  4. chewbaccapits macrumors 6502a


    Jul 10, 2001
    Torrance, Californizzel
    iStop and Wire tap are pretty sick shareware and freeware.....
  5. joeyjojoe thread starter macrumors regular

    Jun 20, 2003
    Los Angeles, CA
    You are right, LaunchBar is very nice. Its too bad that the evaluation version is limited. Still, its a very good concept.

    I already have VLC player installed, and its very good. I don't like Quicktime, I don't like that it doesn't come with the OS, and that you can't full screen without paying. I also like MPlayer (the linux player port) although it takes a lot more cpu time than VLC.
  6. jelwell macrumors member

    Jan 31, 2003
    It's surprising how few applications I actually install on my mac. Everything I need is pretty much there already. Not like my old PC where I needed to load tons of software.

    Here's a list of things I've installed on my mac:
    1) Transmit (ftp client)
    2) Romeo (ericsson bluetooth connector - lets me use my phone as a remote control & more)
    3) Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (allows me to monitor my pc fileserver - like VNC)
    4) Roxio Toast - not really necessary, but I use it to burn hybrid enhanced music cds
    5) VLC - see other posts
    6) Realplayer - hardly ever used.
    7) Windows Media Player - ditto.

    The only thing I really need is Transmit. Everything else is hardly ever used.

    Konfabulator is cool looking, but it's usefulness is rather limited and it's licensing scheme is @&#$ed up! They should charge developers for licenses, not users. Anyways, I run "iChat Status" - to upload my current ichat status to my webpage. And I run "RSS Viewer" to pull the latest macrumors.com headlines. I've modified "RSS Viewer" to disappear entirely when there are no new entries; and ichat status i run with opacity set to 0. So basically, I only notice konfabulator running when there's a new news item on macrumors.com and only until i click on it. ;)
  7. dbally macrumors member

    Jul 27, 2003
    Some goodies . . .

    There are a few programs that I've found to be invaluable. LaunchBar, as mentioned, is extremely useful. I also like MaxMenus (as a launcher, folder, and file opener), and iPulse (better than the top command and gives all sorts of great system info).

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