Kung Fu Catch is on sale right now and it is free!!!

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    Best chance to get our games for free is NOW! =D

    Castles Conqueror

    Crystal Soul

    --------------------------Kung Fu Catch--------------------------

    In a mysterious eastern land, there are many kung fu fighters who desperately wish to find the legendary Immortal of Kung Fu, to learn from him and achieve the true mastery of kung fu.

    However, nobody knows where the Immortal is, some say he lives upon a very, very, very high mountain, finding him will be an impossible job. As a result, the first thing they must do before setting

    out traveling is to save enough money for the journey!

    Go, kung fu fighters, catch the money as much as you can!

    Game Features
    -Simple Control
    Just tilt the device or press jump button to move character, get as many coins as you can, and fulfill the conditions of each stage.

    -Fun and Challenges
    There are different challenges or obstacles such as birds, bamboo traps and onions in every stage. Try to avoid these dangers and make your best record!

    -Funny characters
    5 kung fu fighters for you to choose from. Unlock them with silver ingots that you have collected.

    -Kung Fu style Graphic & Music
    Graphic style of the game is classic Chinese traditional ink painting, and the music used Chinese classic instruments. Players can travel through the game world and experience the scenes and music.

    Totally there are 7 stages in game; updates including new stages and characters will be released in succession in near future.

    The pictures from game

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