LA Times does iMac/Gateway comparison


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Jim Heid, in a special report to the LA Times, is writing about his experience comparing the iMac to the Gateway 500SE with Windoze XP.

(seems there has been a little flurry of activity out there lately with journalists and editorialists either comparing the iMac to or switching over from a Windoze machine for a while)

An overall very fair and balanced report...with more to come in the very near future. My favorite quote:

"You've seen the Gateway, too, or at least you've seen a dozen similar computers. It's a basic beige
tower, with a display and speakers to match. From a design and engineering perspective, it's as
unique as a Quarter Pounder."


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Jan 2, 2001
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that's disgusting.....ha ha ha....

but least he mentioned that Mhz doesn't mean crap when comparing the 2...


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Part 2: Software Comparison

Here's the next part of Jim Heid's special to the LA Times:

Great quote:

"I use both Macs and Windows XP computers daily, and the Mac is less frustrating, less commercially intrusive and more elegant. Quite simply, it’s a better computer."

The story is also mentioned on Hot News Headlines section.


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Jan 19, 2002
UMMM. first of all, that jim heid guy writes a column called 'Mac Focus' and it's sad that you can't see how brainwashed this guy is (just like a lot of you people). second he compared the $1800 top of the line imac to a cheap gateway that lists for $999. in general, gateways suck, but there are more equally equipped versions, that would have made more sense to compare to.

if the quote "the Windows world is a cacophony of computer makes and models" doesn't automatically make you scream "ok this guy hates windows," i'm not sure if you guys can make it through life while being that ignorant. leave it to a machead to describe free choice in a negative light.

anyway, i think the imac is an awesome computer, but i think someone should make an OBJECTIVE comparison it to an equally priced/equipped pc. what a loser. :rolleyes: