Labor Unions Praise Trump for Smashing the Treasonous TPP

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by aaronvan, Jan 23, 2017.

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    "But, but… Obama's legacy! Trump can't keep getting away with this!"

    Oh yes we can!
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    Anyone living in Washington State calling the TransPacific Partnership "treasonous" must have some very strange ideas.

    Because the TPP is pretty much designed to allow US companies sell products like commercial aircraft, and intellectual property like software, in favorable terms to the largest, and fastest growing region in the world.

    Does Boeing want to be able to compete effectively against its European rivals selling airplanes in Japan, Malaysia, Australia? The TPP does just that. Does Microsoft want to have the cooperation of regional Governments, from Kuala Lumpur toHanoi to Aukland, in ensuring its software isn't sold illegally on the streets?

    The TPP lets the US essential set forth the rules that are to govern trade throughout the Pacific rim for the next hundred years. And those are by and large our rules, on things like intellectual property, labor conditions, and the environment.

    The TPP gives large measures of protection to copyrights, patents, and other intellectual property. A sector that now generates more than a quarter of GDP, and provides good well-paying jobs to millions of US workers.
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    Corrupt trade deals foisted upon the working class by the evil globalist neo-liberal cabal have resulted in 70% of Boeing 787 Dreamliner's built outside the United States. The Evergreen State did not like TPP.

    America First, baby!
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    Let's take it straight from one of the foreign policy influence peddlers in a closed hearing from Dec. 6.

    Neocon mastermind Robert Kagan:

    1. It's unfortunate, that, after these 8 years which -- in

    2. 11 which this signal has been sent, that, during his political

    3. 12 campaign, the President-Elect's comments during the

    4. 13 campaign, as well as those of his surrogates, have only

    5. 14 reinforced the impression that the United States is out of

    6. 15 the world-order business. Comments about whether the United

    7. 16 States really should support NATO allies. Comments about

    8. 17 Estonia being in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. Complaints

    9. 18 about the need to defend Japan, and is that an equitable

    10. 19 thing? The fact that both candidates came out against the

    11. 20 Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is really, in my eyes, a

    12. 21 strategic deal more than a trade deal designed to pull the

    13. 22 United States and its Asian partners together. All the

    14. 23 elements of this campaign have only sent even greater

    15. 24 shockwaves throughout the world about what the United States

    16. 25 stands for. "

      There you have it folks, straight from the horses ass, the TPP was NEVER a trade deal. It was an economic extension of military strategy, chocked full to the brim with handouts to corporate power.

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