Lacie photon 20 for dual display

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  1. dinopaul macrumors newbie

    Oct 16, 2003
    SW UK
    Has anyone any experience of the lacie photon 20. I need a dual display for a g5 2gig. Seems the options are the NEC MultiSync LCD2080UX , or the apple displays, which need a major redesign for me. Lacie have always been good for me hard disk wise, the stands on the photon 20 are cool. Any other suggestions?
    I spend all day in photoshop on childrens books.
    Many thanks,
  2. Björn Guest

    Stockholm, Sweden
    I'm also intrested in this display. There is a newer model called LaCie Photon20vision II, which has a faster pixelresponse (16 ms) and a slightly higher contrast ratio (400:1). I've been looking for reviews on the net but haven't found anything (why?). Anyone?

    Other displays I consider is
    Formac Gallery 2010
    Samsung 213T
    Eizo FlexScan L885
    ViewSonic VP201s

    These displays are all in the same prizerange and seem competitive. Anyone has experiences or an opinion on any of the above? I will use the display mainly for graphic work, and perhaps, a little gaming.
  3. KevRC4130 macrumors 6502

    Jul 1, 2004
    Just curious, what don't you like about the apple monitor design?
  4. Björn Guest

    Stockholm, Sweden
    I sure like the Apple alu- widescreen design. It will not go to Design History like the older model, which was a unique and very innovative design.

    The reason I will not choose the Apple widescreeen is:
    Since I often work with A4-spreads (210x297 mm which is higher but narrower than US letter size) the Apple 20" is just not high enough: 1200 px suits much better than 1050 px.
    The Prize for the Apple 20" is 35% higher than for a Samsung 21" although the Samsung gives 30% larger display area. The difference will be a bit lower for the Eizo and LaCie displays. Theses figures counts for my little corner of the world (local dealers), but are likely to be similar elsewhere. If I had some more dough in my pocket, I'd go straight for the Apple 23"! (or why not the 30"…)
  5. Björn Guest

    Stockholm, Sweden
    Here are some users reviews and one professional review of the displays listed above:
    LaCie Photon20visionII
    Formac 2010 Platinum
    Eizo L885

    The Eizo reviewer does not recommend the product for gamers or watching movies, the picture lag is too obvious.

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