Ladybug annimation - A Weekend Challenge

Discussion in 'Community' started by ejb190, Oct 10, 2003.

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    I have a challenge for the weekend. Here in Chicagoland we have two major things in the news right now - The Chicago Cubs and huge numbers of Asian Lady Beetles on houses. A guy called into a radio station the other day and said he tried to arrange the bugs to spell out Cubs, but they kept moving on him.

    So anyway, my office staff met to figure out our PowerPoint for our annual meeting (Next Thursday). Someone brought up that we should have ladybugs come on the screen and spell out "Hail Purdue" (I work for Purdue University as an Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator). I kind of shrugged and went on, but kept thinking about it. Last night I attempted something in powerpoint, but having the critters come on the screen like a marching band just looked bad and one at a time would take way too long. I imagine something like this could be done in Flash, but I don't have the software. I am working on a solid black background and imagine this shouldn't last more than 10 seconds or so.

    Anyone interesting in taking on a challange? What form would this have to be in to intergrate into PowerPoint? No big deal if it dosn't happen, but it could add some humor to an otherwise boring meeting...
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    Well I am not going to do it because I can't even draw a stick figure right. But you could for instance have one ladybug walk onto the screen, make sure the coast is clear, then wave on the thousands of others and as they rush the screen they could form the words... that shouldn't take too long for them to get on screen.
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    Well I found a way to pull it off.

    In PowerPoint 2003 (XP) you can create custom pathways for movement. Starting off I put about 50 small ladybugs around the outside of the slide just off the screen. Then, one by one, I drew in a pathway to the place I wanted them to stop. I set a few to different speeds so they didn't all arrive right at the same time and set all annimations to run at the same time. I turned the images so they were generally facing the direction they moved, but a few of the curved or zig-zag paths look kind of funny as the images did not rotate to match the movement. The number of objects and the speed of the annimation helped cover this up, though.

    The disappointing thing was that this wonderful powerpoint will not work on my 12" PB. My usual presentations are not this complex. I have never noticed that there are so many differences between the Mac and PC versions of PowerPoint when you get into the advanced features.
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    Does Keynote have any similar animation/movement capabilities? I've played with it for a few minutes now and then but didn't get an overall feel for how it stacks up against the latest Powerpoint.
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    I thought about trying Keynote, but I ran into that compatability issue again. Even the Mac users around here don't use Keynote (I think I am the only one who has it.)

    I like what Keynote can do, but the limited number of templates and my current familiarity with Powerpoint have kept me from using it more.

    I guess the thing that surpried me most was the lack of this feature on the Mac version. I guess I just assumed that equal versions of PowerPoint would be capable of equal feats.


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