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    Jul 23, 2002
    Ok, I've just got $2800 canadian from selling my 15 powerbook. I'm going to get the cram and jam student deal (ipod+laptop). I need help choosing a the laptop.

    I've been on a mac since the hotline betas, and would like to think i know what I'm talking about but, like everyone else, I am having trouble deciding between the 12 inchers. My problem is more specific and, perhaps, more unspecific, then those expressed in the plethora of related forums I've read so far.

    Intended Use

    During the school year the laptop will be used for Word, Scanning art images for papers, watching pre-1959 films for school (god bless divx+varients and DVDs), browsing, the occasional FCP endevour (ah, uni life :0 ) and hard drive intense internet recreation.

    During x-Mas and Summer, I'll use it for web design, graphic design, and FCP to make tuition.

    I'm planning to lug this bad-boy everywhere and take advantage of free internet at cafes etc. And I also have a sony G450 19inch VGA monitor which I will be using when its at home.

    The 12 inch is just the right size, but I'm on a budget, and I intend to keep this machine for atleast 2 years (maybe :) ).

    First things first, here is my price break down, in Canadian dollars — including our infamous taxes.

    The computers

    Ibook with airport ibook 30gig/airport/1000mhz/32mbvid/ - 1667.50

    Ibook with airport ibook 60gig/airport/1000mhz/32mb/ 1780.20 BASE

    Powerbook 60/airport/bluetooth/1333mhz/64mbvid/ + 402.50 from base 2182.70

    Powerbook with Superdrive Base + 690.80 (IE +288 for superdrive) 2471.35


    External "Superdrive" (Pioneer 107)
    8x DVDr pioneer 107 + firewire case is 201.25 (pioneer 107 $113 + $68 = $201.25)

    External HDs
    80gig - 89 + 49 = 158.70 = 1.98/gig
    120gig - 117 + 49 = 190.90 = 1.59/gig
    160gig - 132 + 49 = 208.15 = 1.30/gig
    200gig - 160 + 49 = 240.25 = 1.20/gig

    512 for ibook 208 = 152.95
    512 for powerbook = 158.70

    The Problem.

    The ibook.

    Now that I think about it if get the ibook I'm just sticking with the cheapish model + airport for 1667.50. I will probably end up sticking a 80gig (or larger if its out then) 7200rpm drive in it closer to summer for FCP goodness.

    I wil install the firmware hack so i can have dual desktops (it'll be out by the time i get the machine).

    And I will make an exernal "superdrive" for 200 which I can patch to run naitivley in iDVD and/or DVD studio Pro...

    Here are my questions. For my FCP stuff is the 32 graphics (used on two monitors) vs the 64, going to make that much of a dif? Aswell as the extra 333mhz on the powerbook?. I'm just worried that in 2 years the ibook is going to be below the min requirements for FCP cause of the vid card and proc where as the powerbook is less likely to be...

    The Powerbook.

    The powerbook, fast proc, fast bus speed, ram, and a sexxy 64 mb card with naitive dual monitor support. (The LCD quality I dont care about really so its not that big of a factor for me). But its like 500+ more the the ibook, and 800+ for the super drive (is the internal one worth it cuase I'm out on that one)...

    Now that might not seem like that much, but it is for a student. 500 is like 3 months of budgeted partying and cultural endevours.

    But if the vid card and proc, are going to be that much of boost in FCp and will amke it still usuable in 2 years, then perhaps, it might be worth it...

    Sorry abour grammer and spellin I'm a bad forum writer...

    and I know I sound like a broken record with this problem, but i needed to ask...


    Blue :confused:
  2. wPod macrumors 68000


    Aug 19, 2003
    Denver, CO
    go for the powerbook all the way!!!! it is way way way way way way way worth the native dual monitor capabilities. i have a 12" pb now with a 19" external CRT and it rocks. i had a G3 laptop before with the stated hack and it STUNK!!!! graphics were slow and i ran in to frequent system crashes (ok frequent for macs would be about once a month instead of multiple times a day for a windows box) especially with how much you will actually use the power and better graphics of the powerbook you will notice a large difference. i would NOT get the internal superdrive b/c it is much slower than an external one you can buy. (also external is cheaper). i would however be sure you end up with a 7200 RPM drive for FCP that will make a nice difference, i dont use FCP but ive heard that the faster drive (internal or external) is noticable. as for money, as a student myself, id have to say this 'take a loan' it might not be the best idea but if you know you can pay it off after a summer of working it is worth it. i got a loan on a small part of my PB and paid it off this summer once i was working full time. plus with the better computer you will do a better job and get more money! when the next generation of applications comes out you will greatly appreciate the extra video memory in the PB!!!

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