Large Watefield Cargo Bag anyone?

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    Jul 17, 2002
    Hi, I have a Large Black Watefield Cargo bag for sale. It's just like the picture but the stupid airline seat buckle kept on getting on my way so I took it off carefully! So there is no obvious sign of where it use to be! And I took a pair of scissors and cut the bottom part of the buckle! That's the only problem with the bag and it allowed me easy access to the bag without buckling and unbuckling the bag and have it clank when I forgot to close it. Solution: take it off! But the bag is in perfect condition been used for like 2 weeks but I can't keep it!

    So, I will take the best offer for it. I will try to get pictures up soon to settle any uneveness about anything. They're gonna be polaroids because I have no need for a camera and that's all I have.

    Please remeber that it costs $200+ dollars!

    This is my E-Bay user name so you can check my feedback as a seller! I would try auctioning it off but it's harder to sell it cuz no one will know about it.

    I also have the Large Sleeve case for a laptop. Color: Lead.
    And the matching Gear Pouch.

    Please e-mail me with any questions and offers.

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