Largo Desolato: Vaclav Havel exits, stage left

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    Czech dissident, playwright, prisoner, president, dies peacefully in his sleep at 75

    on CNN
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    He lived the life, and exited with decorum. RIP.

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    I hoped that someone would post a thread about this.

    Vaclav Havel was extraordinary; he was a man who embodied a modern interpretation of the old Philosopher King ideal when he led his country as President, and before that, when, as an 'intellectual engagé', he opposed the repressive regime of Dr Gustav Husak with words, essays, ideas, and ultimately, with a classy, dignified, leadership of Charter 77 (of which he was a founding member) which cost him years in prison.

    This was a leadership of political, physical and moral courage, allied to an insightful intellect and a gifted pen; he is famous for some of his plays - but his political essays - for example "The Power of the Powerless" and "An Open Letter to Dr Gustav Husak" are brilliant examples of the essayist's art, and, in their own right, superb political and philosophical works.

    This was a man of exemplary moral and political courage, a worthy successor to impressive individuals such as Tomas Masaryk and indeed, Alexander Dubcek, who had earlier led Czechoslovakia.
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    The funeral will not be terribly modest. I almost feel like he would have been a bit put off by the excess of it.

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