Last remaining questions for 13inch buy or not

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by TheNakedMan, Aug 2, 2010.

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    May 20, 2007

    I’m looking to replace a netbook I use. I have bought a new DSLR (t2i) and a basic Kodak Zi8 for shooting some basic videos and pictures for reviews for some my site.

    I’m thinking the 13 inch is too small, but I have a 23″ monitor I hook my netbook up to and I’m happy with that. I usually have about 10 tabs in chrome, cuteftp, VNC, and eclipse (for programming).

    Will the 13 inch be able to handle the load of the new pictures, and some basic video jobs?

    I was going to go with a SSD drive and 8gb of ram into the laptop since space is not a big concern with the 8TB NAS I currently have.

    -Any recommendations for software for short video clip editing
    -Performance of Photoshop on 13inch (is the 15 inch going to be worth the $600 upgrade, if so I was thinking of waiting for the october release)
  2. TheNakedMan thread starter macrumors member

    May 20, 2007
    your logic is sound and appreciated.

    I think I should be good to go. Tax free weekend here, with a free ipod touch!


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