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Late 2013 13" rMBP almost always throttled to 800 mhz and uses about 7 w of power


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So pretty much what the title says.

The rMBP had complete replacement of logic board and battery in 2015.

Ran pretty well for a while. The battery is old, but the problem is the same plugged into power or not.

It's unusably slow essentially.

It's not static at 800 mhz (I see that it's 800 mhz in iStats menus and see the wattage in Intel Power Gadget)—if I close absolutely everything on the computer, the CPU will go up to 2 Ghz sometimes. But then as soon as I try to do anything it drops.

The fans are constantly at 6200 RPM, and it runs very hot.

My guesses would be 1) Dust (I can see some dust through the vents around the hinge) and 2) That the thermal cooling paste has dried out.

But the part that has me more curious is that the wattage according to the Intel Power Gadget is usually around 7 W whereas the TDP for this processor is 28 watts. Does that mean the problem could be the voltage controller? Or is it normal for the Mac to lower the wattage on an overheating computer. My power adapter always seems unusually hot to me, too.
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