Launch day people... how was your weekend with the iPhone 5?


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Jun 28, 2010
Loving the phone so far. The taller screen helps out viewing more webpages and texting. Also its SUPER fast. Everywhere I go, people are asking me about it.


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Jan 23, 2012
It's a nice upgrade from the iPhone 4. Nobody's asked me about it or even noticed.


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Mar 4, 2009
Loving it. Huge step up from the 4. Even my wife noticed, and she doesn't care about this stuff. One employee at Jimmy Johns asked if I went from a 4 to the 5 and asked for my impressions in that regard. Otherwise nobody noticed, but I wasn't on it much in public.


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I have to say it is noticeably faster than the iP4S. I haven't had much time to shoot photos, but for basic tasks, it really is faster. The fact that it's so light, with a bigger screen that also has much better color saturation, is great. The new headphones are also a huge step in the right direction. I'm not one to use headphones for music, but tried them yesterday and heard things I haven't heard in my music for years. They both fit my ears better than the old buds, which I haven't used for at least the last 2 years, and sound much better.

I still won't use them, except for those times I'm flying, but I'll be sure to pack them for my business trips now - something I haven't done for years with the old buds.


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Sep 21, 2012
Orlando, FL
Absolutely loving it. Bought it with the intention of testing it out, and selling it for a Galaxy S3 if i didn't like it. I'm loving everything about it though.

Upgraded from a 4. The speed is amazing! WiFi, LTE and the new processor is tits! :D


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Sep 22, 2009
Loving the phone so far. The taller screen helps out viewing more webpages and texting. Also its SUPER fast. Everywhere I go, people are asking me about it.
I love it. It's SO fast compared to my 4. I also switched to Verizon so I FINALLY have service at my house, it's amazing actually.

No more Micro-Cell for me!


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Jan 5, 2010
Toronto, Canada
I'm loving mine. I still can't get over how light and fast it is. The display is truly wonderful how vivid the colours are and how the pixels appear to be on the surface of the glass. Everyone who has seen my phone is totally impressed, even a few fAndroids.


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Sep 13, 2012
Overall I'm loving it. No regrets whatsoever. I did have some initial issues though -- a weird problem where the screen just started flashing with a progress bar overlaid on top of everything -- but after a second restore that was fine. LTE (via Verizon) working perfectly with blazing speed, which is going to be a problem since I'm only on the 1 GB data plan, and it's going to be a huge temptation to just be on LTE all the time, even at home!

Everything's much faster than on my old iPhone 4, which is nice. The extra screen space makes a bigger difference than I expected. One not so good thing is that I find it's now harder to use the phone one-handed, since the way I normally hold the phone I now can't reach my thumb up to the top of the screen to tap to "return to top."

One unexpected benefit - web pages load dramatically faster over the same wifi connection.

I'm not big on gaming on iOS, but I did pick up Asphalt 7 (which is optimized for the wide screen) and it was pretty sweet looking.


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Feb 5, 2007
State of Denial
Mine sucked until late Saturday night when I finally got to an ATT store they got me a new SIM card, which finally turned on the Data on my phone.

I dont know about you, but an iPhone with the I, sucks.


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Jul 10, 2008
I love it! Dramatically faster than my 4. My apartment still isn't gettin full signal (thanks AT&T) but its still faster than my 4 with 3-4 bars of LTE. I am also seeing a dramatic speed increase on my home wifi.

I had I pick up my 4 this weekend and its crazy how suddenly small he screen looks. I never felt like it was small until this weekend after playing wih my 5.

Very pleased! Oh and thankfully I bought a case. I've already survived my first drop! No effect to the phone whatsoever!


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Apr 24, 2006
Very happy to be back on iOS. I got the 4 on launch day but gave it to my GF a few months ago while I was testing a Nokia Lumia 900. At the end of the day the iPhone App maturity is incredible compared to Android and WP.


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Nov 13, 2007
US>FL>Miami/Dade>Sunny Isles Beach>Condo
Graphics and page rendering speed coupled with LTE blows me away!

My MacBook Pro is running slow compared to a freaking phone!

I burned through 485MB of data already and I can see where this phone is going to get me into some extra $$$ coming out of my pocket for more data the first couple of months. Once the initial wow factor wears off and I can accept wifi speeds, I'll be fine. But for now, I am going to run LTE full time.



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Mar 28, 2011
upgraded from the iphone 4 and man this thing is blazing fast I have super fast cable here at home so the pages and apps seem to load so fast... almost instantly or instantly now that I'm doing some surfing my area should be getting 4g lte by the end of the year so I'm excited to be able to enjoy that soon... overall this phone blows away my iphone 4


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Jun 22, 2010

My wife and I came from iPhone 4 and this blows it away. The LTE is great. I only lost LTE and signal in the back of a large store, Costco.