Lawmakers Want Bible not taught.


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Feb 18, 2003
The overall plan is to rewrite the Bible and its history.
Well re-writes and edits were first documented done around 312 A.D under the Roman Emperor Constantine. The link you posted seems to be more about tearing down the patriarchal nature of what society was back then in yet another attempt to resuscitate the more meaningful lessons in the bible.

As for the OP link.. the thing is with the story of Jesus, is that he didn't turn away anyone, for any reason. The one example when Jesus lost his cool is was with the cleansing of the temple. ... Which is an odd blip in his message ... (but I guess everyone has an off day). :D

As for law, religious morality should not be the sole foundation for a secular nation. More often than not principles should be supported rather than rites.
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Jan 6, 2004
That was a good article, they are on their way to change it, it won’t be the same.
It’s like the one and only God did a terrible job with the Word, and it’s up to the morally superior, with their even greater faith, to correct that.
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