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Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by Toucansma, Jul 14, 2001.

  1. Toucansma macrumors member

    Jul 14, 2001
    With all these messages with rumors regarding no LCD iMac isn't it possible its part of Apple's Misinformation Campaign. Isn't it odd everyone was so sure there would an LCD one until just a few days before this MacWorld. Maybe Steve is trying to bring the element of suprise back. Everyone is so set on a non LCD IMac they will be suprised when he releases it. I don't think there would be a minor speed bump. Come on it's Apple not Dell(same beige or black boxes updated with a 80 gig hd instead of 60 and a handy new color added to their logo sticker!) we are talking about. Apple always likes to make a statement and I think they will with this Macworld. I for one anticpating an LCD IMac and a new enclosure for the Powermac. How do we know that the pictures leaked were not a ploy by Apple to see the reaction of the consumers (that in fact apple does need a radical change instead of a small update). Also to the people that say LCD IMacs can't be done, apple put colors, superdrives, wireless networking, and a subnotebook for 1299 to their consumers for reasonable prices. Don't underestimate them. That is my two cents.
  2. igordi macrumors newbie

    Jul 14, 2001
    I agree

    I agree with you completely. I'm a big fan of macs and have been using them for a few years now. The thing is, I'm very new to this "rumors" scene. I've heard very good arguments on both sides of the discussion about no LCD versus yes LCD. I think that the best advice I've heard is to just use common sense. The problem is that I guess both sides of my split personality have different ideas of common sense. Common sense tells me that if Apple does give me an imac LCD I will pay for it, HUGE. But my common sense also tells me that Steve would be crazy to expect that we will settle for anything less at this point. I've seen so many mock-ups by now that I'm having dreams about my new imac. I'm sorry Steve but I'm not gonna settle for a speed bump or a new colour.

    The last piece of common sense I've got is why would I buy another CRT iMac when a few months from now if the new LCD ones come out, all the CRT ones will be grouped together as "old ones" and won't be worth half what we paid.
  3. Toucansma thread starter macrumors member

    Jul 14, 2001
    I didn't proofread what I wrote, obviously. I meant to say that Apple MAY HAVE intentionally let those pictures get leaked to see the reaction (ie the show , the west wing were they leak info about the health of the president to see how bad of a public reaction it would be). Also I expect some other suprise. Look at how Apple has fooled us in the past (look at how they fooled us with the powerbook g4, 733mhz powermac, and the cube). Also Mac os rumors still says it looks good for there to be an lcd iMac which they have usually been fairly accurate in the past.


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